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Cream and honey

The origins of Beornings are not known, save that they dwelt in the Vales of Anduin between Mirkwood and the Great River in the late Third Age. They had the unique ability to change into bears. They were named after Beorn, their patriarch. They seemed to have the same life-span of mortal men, and could speak in both the tongue of men and of bears. They did not seem very fond of Dwarves, and were bitter enemies of the Goblins. They hunted neither bird nor beast, their diet consisting mostly of cream and honey.

Since last November’s update the Beorning is a heavy armour class. Now this, in my humble opinion, is very odd, lorewise. There may be many arguments as to why this was necessary for stats, itemzation etc, but a Beorning would never wear plate. In fact, it is said that they had a dislike of metal. It is a shame that it had to come to this solution, and that the Beorning as a medium armour class was never really supported. On top of that, it seems that some of the best healers in the game now wear plate.
Anyway this post is not to complain about these changes or start a rant, I just want to continue seeing and experiencing the Beorning as a medium armour class. So, the wardrobe and cosmetics will have to provide for that now.

I don’t play with my Beorning very often, too busy doing other things, but I do find it a fascinating class. I like their appearance and face paint. I am glad that we can change those at the barber, because now I can match the face paint with the outfit she’s wearing. I am continuing the use of the Yule Festival shoulders. They are amazing and match with nearly everything. They are a good fit for a natural look. Also, I just like the bright white.

Head: Trapper’s Bandana, walnut dye (skirmish cosmetic)
Shoulders: Shoulderguards of the Northern Sky, walnut dye (Yule festival cosmetic)
Chest: Cer. Breastplate of the Aurochs, white dye (skirmish cosmetic)
Hands: Light Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Elite, white dye (Ered Mithrin Quartermaster cosmetic)
Legs: Lesser Secret of the West Leggings, walnut dye (Harndirion Quartermaster)
Feet: Spirited Assault Shoes of the Deep, white dye (crafted light T9)

More information on these items:

quote from lotr.wikia


    • The white is repeated on shoulders, gloves and shoes, and reflects in the face paint. But you can do whatever you like of course! This is only MY outfit that I share on my blog. I don’t think anyone would want to copy that exactly as is.

  1. I like this outfit very much, but there is nothing lore-friendly about it, or indeed very little that is lore-friendly about the Beorning player character race in LOTRO. (Not to open a can of worms, but there are a great many things having nothing to do with Beornings that are lore-unfriendly in LOTRO, so let’s please not ride into that slippery slope here!) Chest armour made from the face of an aurochs seems very lore-UNfriendly, as Beorn was kindly towards animals. Also, there is nothing in the lore about Beornings disliking metal. The author of the article on Tolkien Gateway made a supposition that Beornings were comparatively disinterested in metal the way that Dwarves were, Dwarves being noted miners and smiths, but Tolkien said nothing of the sort about Beornings. If I were making a “lore-friendly” outfit for a Beorning, it would be made completely of cloth–shirt, trousers, shoes, the whole works–and he/she would wield no weapon, as Beorn, and presumably his descendants, fought in bear-form. So I advise making a Beorning outfit that one likes, and omit any mention of the lore.

  2. Well done, Hymne! It’s been ages since I’ve seen the Ceremonial Breastplate of the Aurochs used in an outfit. It’s certainly a tough piece to use, given its unconventional design. I’ve always loved the fur aspect of it, but the face itself still freaks me out somewhat after realizing what it was a few years ago.

    I, too, seldom play my Beorning. And I can’t quite adjust it being a heavy now. I’ll always picture mine in medium and light gear and will also continue to explore appearances as if the change never happened. Now I feel inspired to revive mine!

    • Thank you Nathrien, it is a strange chestplate indeed haha. Someone pointed out that a Beorning would never wear that since they are vegetarian, but I’m fully okay with it. I think they would have used leftovers from nature and skinned dead animals to use for shoes, bags and belts. In any case, Lotro isn’t true to the Lore, but heavy armour for a Beorning seems beyond weird even for Lotro!

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