Cosmetic Lotro

Winter wear

It’s getting colder every day and I am ready for winter wear! Both in game and in real life actually. It hasn’t been snowing in my neck of the woods yet, but winter is definitely coming. Winter outfits in Lotro are never hard to find. There are lots of warm, comfy items available from Yule Festivals, Forochel and Wildermore and they all combine so well! I chose to combine some items with the new Ered Mithrin cosmetics. These cosmetics are not winter cosmetics per se, but they work pretty well as such. These cosmetics all have a dark brown base and the area that can be dyed is very “clean”, so it takes dye in very bright colours. I have a personal preference for nature and muted colours, so I chose to combine the brown hues with white and mossy green.

In Ered Mithrin the Adventurer’s Quartermaster offers a large selection of cosmetics. They are divided into two lines: Stalwart and Elite, which both have a light, medium and heavy version available. I much prefer the Stalwart line. I think the designs are superior. Also, the Elite line is merely an inversion of the items that you already receive as quest rewards in Ered Mithrin. I now have the entire Stalwart line in my collection and some Elite pieces. I think I will need another alt character to store them all!
To complete the wintry feel I bartered for the Elk of Felegoth’s glory. I think an Elk is quite appropriate for winter and I absolutely love them. I hope more Elks will be added to the game!

Head: Insightful Assault Hood of the Deep, walnut brown dye (T9 tailor recipe)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, mossy green dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Chest: Light Chestplate of the Grey Mountain Stalwart, white dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster Ered Mithrin)
Hands: Light Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Stalwart, mossy green dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster Ered Mithrin)
Feet: Ajokoira Shoes, mossy green dye (T5 tailor recipe)

Mount: Elk of Felegoth’s Glory (Adventurer’s Quartermaster)

More information on these items:


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