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My characters on the legendary server are pretty much burned out on the Harvestmath Festival encore. Of course the encore provides a wonderful opportunity for the Legendary Servers to catch up with some cosmetics, so I’m not complaining, but I’ve been running the quests back to back, just to make sure I collect enough tokens to get everything I want. Despite the plentiful options I ended up using only the Harvest Brew Hat for my little hobbit, but I wanted to share the outfit before the encore is over. I think it makes her look pretty smart!
I am actually quite proud of myself that I am getting by on regular cosmetics rather than buying something at Lalia’s (though I admit it is very tempting to do so), but for now I am sticking to my self-imposed challenge and only use what is available in game. It is fun and frustrating at the same time, but it does give me a renewed appreciation for the older cosmetic items.

Starter Outfits
My series of Starter Outfits will only showcase items that are accessible to everyone on the Legendary servers. This includes the Lotro Store, however I will try to limit usage of the store to a minimum and create outfits with items and colours that are available in game. Some favorite old-timers from the store will be inevitable and I will gradually purchase those on the Legendary server as well. Even though I personally have access to all my pre-order items, I am not including those either in this series, because they are no longer obtainable for everyone.

For this Starter Outfit you will need:
– enough luck to get a hobbit present armour box on a light armour character and pick the shoulders (as of 2019 these are no longer available)
– access to the Beorning, and finish the intro (you can leave the starter armour in the wardrobe and delete the character later if you want)
– navy & rust dye

Head: Harvest Brew Hat, navy dye (Harvestmath Festival cosmetic)
Shoulders: Mathom-hunter’s Mantle, rust dye (Hobbit present, light armour)
Chest: Leather Hauberk, navy dye (Outfitter Bree)
Hands: Sterkist’s Sturdy Bracers, default (Beorning intro quest)

More information on these items:


  1. Huandir

    The shoulders are very nice! and the Harvest Brew Hat is perfect for your (little hobbit) look in this colours. Greetings from Anor 🙂

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