Cosmetic Lotro

Into the mountains

It’s been a while since Update 23 was released and I have by no means finished all the quests as a result of playing on the legendary server. But as much fun playing on the legendary is, I never intended to stop playing on my regular server because that is where my collection of cosmetics resides, and I am not giving that up for anything! At least not permanently. So while working on the outfits for the Legendary Outfit series, I am also going to share some outfits that I use on my regular server.

The cosmetic aspect of Update 23 is awesome. There is a considerable amount of cosmetics to barter for and the quest rewards and crafted gear are also very beautiful. Unlike the previous Doomfold crafting tier, the Ironfold crafting tier really has some gems. Too bad that all the recipes are barter recipes again. The good old days where you would just get your basic recipes and then go barter for the teal versions are over. Now even the basic recipes have to be purchased with local currency, so you cannot acquire them without doing the quests. The also require rare items to craft. This in itself is fine, except I would have liked some basic recipes that I could use just for the looks. Now crafting a cosmetic is quite expensive. However that doesn’t stop me of course, so here’s an outfit using a crafted light chest-piece. It dyes very well in all colors, including white, but I chose Belegaer blue for this one.

Head: Eastemnet Campaign Circlet, walnut dye (crafted T8)
Shoulders: Light Shoulders of the Grey Mountain Stalwart, Belegaer blue dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster, Skarháld)
Chest: Waistcoat of Stonehelm, Belegaer blue dye (crafted T12, barter recipe)
Hands: Heavy Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Stalwart, Belegaer blue dye (Adventurer’s Quartermaster, Skarháld)
Feet: Gardening Boots, walnut dye (Farmers Faire cosmetic)

More information on these items:


  1. Halflo

    The Shoulder piece reminds me of the Beorning starter shoulders, albeit with a different look. I like how the blue matches the flowers in the background.

  2. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen belegaer blue dye so brilliantly and beautifully. And it makes a perfect contrasting color for the darker browns, too! I can’t wait until I start digging into the U23 cosmetics!

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