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Well, the hunt for vintage cosmetic items is really on now! Today my little minstrel on Ithil made it to level 20 which means… Rivendell! Rivendell has a number of Armour Smiths and a Cosmetics vendor that sell pretty items that I have always adored. So as soon as my character made it to 20 I visited Gandalf in the Prancing Pony who gave me a quest and teleported me to Rivendell. I cancelled the quest so I can continue to use that shortcut until my character actually makes it to Rivendell herself; but for now the quest + milestone to get back home will do fine.

I splurged on some items (because believe me, when you barely have one gold to your name, buying a cosmetic item for 12 silver feels like a splurge) and used them to complement the starter instance outfit for my high elf huntress.
I see many players on Ithil using their pre-order cosmetic sets or simply wearing their armour (which never even matches in colour, much less in style), but so much more is possible. By simply replacing a few items in a pre-order set, one can already create a unique look.

Starter Outfits
My series of Starter Outfits aims to showcase items that are accessible to everyone on the Legendary servers. This includes the Lotro Store, however I will try to limit usage of the store to a minimum and create outfits with items and colours that are available in game. Some favorite old-timers from the store will be inevitable and I will gradually purchase those on the Legendary server as well. Even though I personally have access to all my pre-order items, I am not including those in this series, because they are no longer obtainable for everyone.

For this Starter Outfit you will need:
– wardrobe slots
– access to the High Elf race, and create a light armour character and a medium armour character (you can leave their starter armour in the wardrobe and delete the characters later if you want)
– be level 20 or have a friend with access to Rivendell to do the purchase for you
– rust & sienna dye

Chest: Time-worn Reinforced Coat, rust dye (high elf intro-instance, medium armour)
Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders, sienna dye (high elf intro-instance, light armour)
Hands: Time-worn Bracers, no dye (high-elf intro-instance, medium armour)
Feet: Elven Steel Boots, sienna dye (heavy armour smith, Rivendell)
Back: Fine Elven Quiver, sienna dye (outfitter, Rivendell)


  1. You’re making me want to start my own Legendary Outfit category. It’s been so long since I’ve used starter and early game cosmetics. Seeing these low level outfits in a new light is inspiring!

  2. Henrik Schmidt


    I really adore your website and suggestions for outfits, they have somehow renewed my interest in the game. What is used for legs in this hunter outfit? Is it the time worn starter armour?

  3. Henrik Schmidt

    Just a question more, by using cosmetic outfits from the shared wardrobe you can use heavy armour pieces on all types of classes?

    • Hello Henrik, the leggings in the outfit are part of the chestpiece. It is a “onesie” where leggings are included. You can indeed use heavy armour pieces on all classes from the shared Wardrobe. Just drop in the piece, apply the dye of your choice and all characters on your account can use it.

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