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Woodland elf

The inspiration for this Mirkwood elf outfit came from Gloredh’s wonderful blog Wandering Around Arda. Her concept of the Penni Tribe elf reflects everything I want to see in my own elves. So here’s my version of her outfit using only few adaptions. The outfit that Gloredh created is already perfect in itself, so all credits go to her.
On a personal level I very much identify with the Avari elves, the outcast, the ones who stayed behind and didn’t leave for the West. I also love Mirkwood, the dense forest that was once “the greatest forest of the Northern world” according to Gandalf, until it fell under the shadow of the Necromancer. The Avari remained a wild folk, and dwelled in forests and caves. Some mingled with other tribes in Eriador and became the Silvan elves. It is said that they eventually faded away, but did they?

The inspiration triggered more Mirkwood elf outfits, which I will be posting later. If you don’t care for female elves, there is nothing to see here, move along.
I realize the pictures are dark and mirky. I guess that is exactly what I like about Mirkwood. The atmosphere in the South is gloomy. Not evil like Mordor, because the forest is still brimming with natural life, but definitely dusky and ominous. The atmosphere in the North is even darker and sunless. I have yet to try my luck with a good outfit screenshot there.
Creating outfits for my blog has halted my progress in the game a bit, but it’s all good! I will eventually make it through all those Grey Mountains. My little hobbit on the legendary server is yelling at me, but they will all have to wait while I spend time having fun in the dressing room!

Head: Woodland Crown, default (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Shoulders: Malledhrim Pauldrons, ranger green dye (crafted T6 Mirkwood barter recipe)
Chest: Padded Waistcoat of the Expedition’s Vanguard, ranger green dye (High-enchanter barter)
Hands: Malledhrim Gauntlets, ranger green dye (crafted T6 Mirkwood barter recipe)
Feet: Skirmish Boots of the Mark, yellow dye (crafted T8 Men of Sutcrofts barter recipe)
Back: Wood-wanderer’s Cloak, ranger green dye (Lotro store)

More information on these items:


  1. Great use for the waistcoat! I’ve never been quite sure what to do with it. It’s something not quite elvish, despite the leaf-like patterns. But not quite evocative of Mordor, even with the scales and studs. Between you and Gloredh, I’d say it’s a perfect fit for Mirkwood’s atmosphere, where both blend very well.

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