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When I posted my last outfit in december 2014, I didn’t think I would ever be returning to this blog. I was still creating lots of outfits in Lotro, amassing a crazy amount of items in storage, but I kept it all to myself. Actually making screenshots and posting them to my blog felt like a chore. I started to play more irregularly and didn’t completely keep pace with all the updates. At some point I stopped doing instances and only played the festivals, so I just left it at that. Until today!

I started on Ithil this week and cannot believe how inspired I am to actually play Lotro again! On the Legendary the feeling is so different! So many people online, such a good economy for the low levels, and no cheating with a rich uncle toon. Everything has to be self-earned again, and that my friends, is extremely satisfying. I am even happy to walk around in noob clothes! For a minute I thought I would miss the hundreds of cosmetic items that I have amassed on my classic server, but I now have 320 empty cosmetic slots waiting to be filled again! It is a very odd feeling, but I am thrilled with the anticipation of conquering it all once more. It feels light, rather than the heaviness of the grinds and chores that the endgame had become for me.

Because it is not possible to transfer anything from the Classic server to the Legendary server, I find myself with quite a narrow selection of items. I browse the AH for stuff to fill up those empty wardrobe slots and visit Outfitters all over the world for a decent hauberk. It is fun! All this inspired me to revive this blog a bit, and to create a series of outfits specifically for the Legendary servers.

Starter Outfits
My series of Starter Outfits will only showcase items that are accessible to everyone on the Legendary servers. This includes the Lotro Store, however I will try to limit usage of the store to a minimum and create outfits with items and colours that are available in game. Some favorite old-timers from the store will be inevitable and I will gradually purchase those on the Legendary server as well. Even though I personally have access to all my pre-order items, I am not including those either in this series, because they are no longer obtainable for everyone.

For this Starter Outfit you will need:
– wardrobe slots
– access to the High Elf race, and create a light armour character (you can leave the starter armour in the wardrobe and delete the character later if you want)
– navy & sienna dye

I don’t know how far my Legendary journey will take me, but let’s enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Chest: Blacksmith’s Apron, navy dye (any outfitter)
Shoulders: Time-worn Shoulders, sienna dye (high elf intro-instance, light armour)
Head: Plumed Hat, default (hobbit/man intro-instance, light armour)
Instrument: Student’s Fiddle, bard

More information on these items:


  1. Taruth

    I was so excited when I got an email that there was a new blog post! I’m sadly not playing on the legendary servers, but I’m glad it has inspired you and I cannot wait to see what outfits you come up with. πŸ˜€

  2. welcome back Hymne! I had to rub my eyes a couple times when I got a notification email about a new post XD despite having my gripes with the legendary servers (better confined to the official forums), ultimately it is good that players are having fun and that many veterans are back. We are all lotro players, and we all love this game after all. Glad to see that the outfit spark has returned and I look forward to see your future outfits! Safe travels on Ithil πŸ™‚

    • Awww thank you Gloredh! I’m glad you are still going strong on the old servers. I haven’t deleted my characters there, nor halted their progress. My main is 120 and I am still enjoying playing her. I will not abandon her! I just like the challenge of doing the content without “cheating”, at a slow pace, and with lots of fellows at the same level. I also like the challenge of finding good old ugly cosmetic items and trying to create something palatable out of them. Thank you for your continued support! I never stopped reading your updates and admiring your beautiful outfits. ❀

  3. Halflo

    Nice to see you come back, I’ve always enjoyed your outfits. You are a inspiration to me, I spend almost as much time collecting pieces for making my own outfits as I do actually playing. I hope you enjoy the new servers and look forward to seeing what else you can come up with as you go.

  4. hikersguidetolotro

    Welcome Back! I still remember getting the idea for my own blog from the inspiration provided by yours! Thanks for another beautiful outfit too! Glad to see you’ve come back for now! πŸ˜€

  5. Now that I’ve actually had a chance to read your newest entry, I want to say how wonderful this outfit is considering we’re all starting from scratch again! I look forward to what else you’ll create on the legendary servers. And who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other on Ithil!

    And, of course, now I can properly say “Welcome back!”

    • Thank you so much Nathrien, it feels like coming back home here. It’s been a long long while since I felt so inspired again and I’m really enjoying everything about it. Not in the least the minimalist outfit challenge! There is not a lot available on the LS yet. No festival items, no high level gear and marks/medallions for skirmish cosmetics are very hard to come by since there are no skirmishes (so only from instances and deeds). But I absolutely love the challenge! I would totally welcome the opportunity to meet in Ithil some time and do a collaborative outfit, like something matching or whatever. Maybe for Christmas? Who knows, but give me a shout here or on Twitter if you ever decide to come and give it a try. Cheers!!

      • I don’t know quite yet how much free time I’ll have between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but that would be a lot of fun! I’ll definitely let you know if I’m available to collaborate on something πŸ™‚

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