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Since the release of Helm’s Deep, almost a year ago now, I have “changed main character”. For the first time since I started playing Lotro 7 years ago, I abandoned my beloved Elf minstrel Hymne in favour of an alt character. I think it all happened when trait trees changed the way I used to play my minstrel, making her so much less versatile and fun, and the lack of new instance clusters which made grouping less interesting. I was never a “top player”, but I did enjoy healing raids, groups and instances for the fun of discovering new content and fighting new enemies. I was never into it to obtain whatever is the best gear out there, so just grinding the same instances over and over again was never appealing to me. All this led to no longer wanting to play my minstrel as a main character. As a result, my woman lore-master Scrye was the first one to level in Helm’s Deep and my hobbit burglar Mayrose the second one. Hymne only came in third. My lore-master is the only one at level 100 currently, working on the dailies in Dol Amroth. Of course, my blogger name will always be Hymne, but the minstrel character tied to that name, is no longer where she used to be in order of importance.



My female race of man characters have always been my favorites when it comes to outfitting. They are easy to dress as most armour models fit reasonably well. I lament the change they made to their posture, but I live with it.
For my lore-master I’ve tried several ways to combine the Nadhin medium head piece, which gives her a bit of an Easterling appearance. I found that these Dunland quest reward pieces made a good match! I did not use any shoulder piece in order to flaunt the nice drapey shape of the head piece.



Head: Medium Nadhin Mask, steel blue dye (Dol Amroth quartermaster or lvl 50+ boe drop)
Chest: Clanweave Robe, steel blue dye (Dunland quest reward, light armour)
Legs: Clanweave Leggings, steel blue dye (Dunland quest reward, light armour)
Hands: Ceremonial Gloves of the Graven Word, steel blue dye (Skirmish Cosmetics vendor, Rift light)
Shoes: Dungeon-crawler’s Boots, steel blue dye (Burglar trainer, Ost Ghalad Mirkwood)


    • Thank you Devonna. Even some of the lore-master animations are somewhat ninja like, especially the one where she swings that staff around in twirls (sign of power: see all ends) ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. That is a tough lore master in action! ๐Ÿ˜€ to me she reminds of the Blue Caste Sorcerers in the Brown Lands, the hood does have a ninja feeling though. Steel blue makes a great contrast with the orange parts!

  2. That is one fierce outfit, Hymne! It really makes me sit and wonder how the peoples of Rhรปn dressed, both presently and in the past. Even though the Easterlings hail from that land, I vaguely recall Elves and Dwarves once resided there too (and might still do). Now I’m letting my imagination carry me away while speculating about such possibilities!

    Wonderfully done ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Illithianos

    I really love the outfit… but the one thing that is vexing me is the sword…. i searched all of lotro for a sword just like that.. what sword did you use, cause it certainly compliments the outfit!

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