Cosmetic Lotro




The Corsair theme around the Bay of Belfalas inspired me to create a bit of a pirate outfit for my little burglar. The shirt comes from Lalia’s Market and is the dye-able version of the hunter armour set from the Ox-clan Camp in Isengard. Unfortunately with update 14 the barters at the Ox-clan Camp closed their doors to cross-class bartering, so if you want the original from that set, you need to bring a hunter there to barter for it. I think the ceremonial version from Lalia is better anyway, as the small white lines can be dyed and made to match the rest of the outfit.



In my opinion the cosmetic side of Lotro has been remarkably downgraded over the past year. Lalia seems to have abandoned her establishment completely as she has had the same items on sale for over 9 months now. Festivals have offered us nothing but the same old robes and tablecloth horses for over a year. This side of the game experience has not received any love lately and of course that saddens me greatly. I have absolutely no idea if or when this will improve, but I hope by continuing to post my outfits, it will at least inspire other players to continue to voice their interest in the cosmetic system as well.



Head: Elegant Plumed Hat, red dye (Lotro store cosmetic)
Chest: Ceremonial Shirt of the Faron, umber dye (Lalia’s Market cosmetic)
Hands: Fingerless gloves, black dye (Yule Festival cosmetic)
Legs: Tavol-socas, black dye (Isengard instance cluster boe drop)


  1. She is wonderful, such an adorable swashbuckler!

    I’m so glad you mentioned the lack of cosmetic updates. I’ve missed a few months but it did seem to me like Lalia had the same outfits for sale the last time I played the game. I also remember the mannequins used to have player created outfits on them. I loved that they got the community involved in that way but I haven’t seen anything new on them in awhile.

    Ugh!, and don’t get me started on the festival cosmetics…very disappointing.

    I’m only complaining because they have done so well in the past. It does seem like outfits doesn’t seem to be a priority for them right now. Hopefully it wont be that way forever.

    • Thank you for your comment Devonna, I agree that the only comparison is with past cosmetics, as those had sort of become the standard. It is obvious that cosmetics do not get the same quality or attention anymore these days. I am not very hopeful for the Fall Festival.

  2. It is too bad as well that the Ox-Clan barterers were recently “updated” to only allow players to barter for items for their own class. Before, as long as you had the marks/meds, you could pick any item and wardrobe it. Level 65 raid gear really has no meaning anymore – why the change Turbine? You can still barter for OD gear outside your class (for now anyways)…

  3. Getting an early start on the International Talk Like A Pirate Day, eh? Not much longer and I’m sure well see more wonderful swashbuckler or pirate outfits. The creative use of that hat caught me by surprise. I wouldn’t have ever thought to use it like you have. In fact, I think that hat is the essential piece to this outfit. Wonderful job, Hymne!

    I guess it’s a good thing I was an altoholic over the past four years. I can waltz up to the Ox-clan Camp on any character (except the burg) and collect what I need. At the same time, I feel bad for all those players who aren’t so fortunate to have that kind of access to that gear.

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