Cosmetic Lotro

Raised wings



Yet another Swan-outfit, this time inspired by the Lothlórien Swan theme. Lothlórien is the most enchanting and alluring area in Lotro’s Middle-earth. The design and lighting of this magical place, as well as the music, genuinely capture the solemn spirit of the elves. Using some of the swan pieces from the Dol Amroth armour sets, I tried to reflect that feeling in an outfit.


The Light Nadhin Hood has a bit of a translucent quality to it, which makes the colors appear very soft and gentle when dyed. The same is true for the matching Light Nadhin shoulders, but I decided not to use those here and go with the heavy set in stead, to emphasize the swan theme. The hood leaves the neckline open, which is an uncommon feature for Lotro hoods, yet very desirable because it’s so elegant with robes.



“…sailing proudly down the stream toward them, they saw a swan of great size. The water rippled on either side of the white breast beneath its curving neck. Its beak shone like burnished gold, and its eyes glinted like jet set in yellow stones; its huge white wings were half lifted. A music came down the river as it drew nearer; and suddenly they perceived that it was a ship, wrought and carved with elven-skill in the likeness of a bird.”


Head: Light Nadhin Hood, sea blue dye (BoE drop or Dol Amroth Light Armour barter)
Shoulders: Heavy Nadhin Shoulders, sea blue dye (BoE drop or Dol Amroth Heavy Armour Barter)
Chest: Robe of the Lady’s Wisdom, white dye (Lore-master Lothlórien lvl 60 raid armour)
Hands: Leather Bracers of the Gentle Stag, sea blue dye (Dunland quest reward, light armour)
Feet: Shoes of the Lady’s Wisdom, white dye (Lore-master Lothlórien lvl60 raid armour)


  1. Kedwyr

    Time suddenly stood still as I gazed upon this masterpiece! Everything slowed down and I heard soft haunting music and the slight ripple of water from a stream or lake shore. The beauty and ethereal quality of this outfit speaks of age old elves and their eternal kingdoms. The hood is a nice piece for this outfit, soft and concealing. as if she is mourning a time to come, when all elves depart. The robe is spectacular and fits well with the shoulders. And I have to say, the background makes me sigh in relaxation. I could use this screenie as a wallpaper! Well done, Hymne!

    • Thank you Ked, your kind words leave me blushing! One has to admit that all credits for the setting go to the Lotro designers of course, who really brought the mythical and eerie quality of Lothlórien to life in this game. Trying to capture that feeling in a screenshot is not always that easy, but my elf minstrel kindly helped me out by striking exactly the right poses wearing this wonderful garb.

  2. omg omg… the blue haze, dreamy atmosphere and the shots shot with Celurlin and the boat are great! In the last one she really looks like a Lorien boater. Few clothes pieces, but that look so pretty together. Love this one, will put on my loremistress 😀

    • Thank you Gloredh, coming from you I take that as a very special compliment, considering the fact that the elvish and Lothlórien outfits and screenshots on your own blog are masterpieces by themselves. There is nothing like that dreamy atmosphere in Lórien, and truly these pieces worked so well together. I’m going to be using this ensemble for quite a while to come.

  3. Such a beautiful and otherworldly outfit, Hymne! It’s a remarkable fusion of Dol Amroth and Lothlórien pieces.

    And I love that hood. Having that open neckline has created some interesting posibilities, especially when the hood appears to be part of the robe (or other chest piece) itself! I might go play around with the Light Nadhin Hood now 🙂

  4. All I can say is.. wow. This outfit literally blows me away. The colors are so gentle and subtle, and so flowy. The screenshots are remarkable as well. Amazing job on this, Hymne!

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