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The other day I read an interesting request on the suggestions forum for more “sensible” clothing in Lalia’s Market. The player making the request points out that he would love to see a larger selection of common shirts, pants and hats in the market, to satisfy the needs of those who prefer to explore Middle-earth in a simple and lore-appropriate outfit rather than elaborate armour with ornaments and sometimes even quite extravagant designs. I completely understand the request and wholeheartedly support it (as to me there can never be enough choice when it comes to cosmetics), but for the moment I would also like to point out, just like some others have in that thread, that you are not entirely without options currently when it comes to dressing up more “sensibly”. I agree with the OP that most “commoner” outfits are onesies, leaving no customization options other than the dye colour and perhaps some shoulders and a cloak. The fun thing about outfitting is finding the right combination, and when everything is already pre-made, it kind of takes away from the fun. However, some of those onesies can be used quite effectively for the right ragged looks, so I’ve tried to come up with an outfit for my hobbit lass that looks like it’s seen better days.


I will try to publish some more “commoner” outfits for Breelanders and perhaps Dwarves as well on my blog, to help fill the gaps a little. I don’t think Turbine is designing any new cosmetics at the moment so we’ll have to make do with the current designs. Lalia’s market mostly sells ceremonial versions of armour, but I will talk to her and suggest that she at least consider adding a few “sensible clothing” items as well.
The Harvestmath Festival starts next Tuesday so you can expect the usual preview of this year’s cosmetics on this blog. I’m looking forward to it, especially to the enigmatic “Steed of the Bat” that appeared on the splash screen during the Farmer’s Faire!



Head: Spirited Assault Hat of Éomer, sienna dye (crafted T8 light armour)
Shoulders: Shoulders of the Eorlingas, cannot be dyed (RoI pre-order cosmetic)
Back: Tattered Cloak, burgundy dye (T8 lootbox cosmetic)
Chest: Well-worn Tunic, umber dye (Skirmish cosmetic)
Hand: Pitchfork, Mathom Society friend standing


  1. I was looking for a hunter look that says I have been out sleeping rough in the woods for 3 nights: rough, practical and dirty!
    I would also like a dead rabbit to hang from a belt and a rabbits foot necklace…

  2. Ever since I started LOTRO I’ve been wishing for outfits that were a bit more in keeping with what we’re supposed to be doing. People hunting orcs in the woods wearing fancy party clothes just don’t look right!

    The same thing with steeds, most are a bit too elaborate for my tastes.

    • Well I understand that guardians and champions don’t want to face those orcs wearing nothing but a cotton shirt, and would reather feel a bit protected by some chainmail or even a breastplate. However I also understand the adventurer types that try to keep a safe distance from the enemy because they feel like traveling lightly. I’m all in favor of options.

      • I want my guardian wearing “business-like” armor most of the time, rather than something a prince might prance around in even if it is made of metal. There are some sets like that of course. And to be fair, I can’t resist having my hobbit guardian wearing a Bounder’s Cap and mixing a hobbity look with a bit of mail and plate.

        My hunters I’d like to look like they’d blend into the woods, not be spotted by deer – or orcs – from a mile off. But my hunter is and elf, and I don’t think elves ever quite look like they’ve been roughing it! 🙂

  3. I think there is a place and time for all sorts of outfits:) Sometimes my champion wants to prance around in her fancy armor, sometimes she prefers a more rugged look, my minstrel might want to wear a pretty dress one day and the next she puts on rough leather to hunt orcs, and so on.
    That said, I would like to see a bit more of “normal” clothes in the game, like an ordinary shirt, pants without leather patches on the knees, hips or butt, or why not some nice tunic and hose-combo that would look a bit medieval. And skirts would be cool:) I sometimes get a bit tired of all the chestpieces that look like they were made of five different layers of leather straps and small pieces of fabric (the Elven skirmisher’s armor is a good example). But anyway, I’m quite happy with the many possibilities we have. And your hobbit lass looks very realistic in her outfit:)

    • To be totally honest, my characters all wear very plain looking outfits all the time. I showcase some fancy stuff sometimes on this blog but it’s rarely used by any of my characters to quest with. Maybe I should do a blogpost with “what my characters wear in real life” ha ha.

  4. She’s brilliant and looks very much like a working-class Hobbit-lass, I love it! The shoulders and cloak look so great together and with the bits of green on the sleeves and leggings. Great everyday outfit, Hymne! 😀

    I get that people want more realistic options, but I agree that more versatility than onesies can provide would be great. A few more separate pieces in common styles would be a great addition, but especially clothing in a Hobbit style would be wonderful since there’s so little of it. I guess another possibility would be if they allowed gloves and boots to work with the tunic & pants combos (I think we’ve seen a little bit of this starting).

  5. Very nice hobbit indeed. Just hope that we would allso get some day cosmetic weapons. My old hulter would brefer to have a little bit rusted old sworn and rude hand made long bow instead glowing led inspired toys…
    I am guite happy that there are some options to clothes that really looks like used (some of those corsair outfits for example) But weapons are still very dull, very candy/toy like instruments… So definitely we need cosmetic weapon slot for more eveday like weapons. I allways has liked the Samwice gamgi with his deadly frying pan!
    Even better would be a legendary 1st age level 95 frying pan, with some old food on it, used in the battle of Rohan 🙂

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