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Cold Moon



December’s Full Moon is called the Cold Moon. It is the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark. Winter Solstice is upon us soon which means that it’s time to start preparing for the Yule Festival!
According to the Lotro Calendar it is supposed to start tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect. Last year’s Yule Festival was a disappointment for many players as there was such a huge grind involved to obtain the best rewards, and the festival was not running long after Christmas. This year however, according to the calendar it seems to run a bit longer until January 14th.
I will be posting the previews for the cosmetics as soon as I am able, but since I am away for work all day tomorrow it will probably be a bit later than usual.



Lotro’s Executive Producer Kate Paiz has posted her annual address today looking back at 2013 and forward to 2014. The change of focus from expansions to content and quality sounds good to me, and from what I understand a sincere effort has been made to listen to player feedback and integrate it into the game. There are a few official feedback threads up on the forum with a demand for more player input. All in all it does feel as if the Player Council interactions are paying off and it’s a shame we don’t get to hear more about the inside stories of what they are doing and accomplishing as I believe their work is valuable and relevant.
In terms of myself I’m not posting many outfits anymore as after three years of blogging about outfits the inspiration obviously isn’t the same as it was in the beginning, which is only natural. I am still moving through Helm’s Deep and enjoying the game very much, but I have become somewhat quiet on my blog. No worries because I’m not going anywhere, just not updating as frequently as I used to, but I hope the Yule Festival will bring some new ideas to post another winter outfit!



Head: Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Helm, olive dye (Skirmish Cosmetic)
Shoulders: Yule Scarf, olive dye (Yule Festival Cosmetic)
Chest: Wildermore Survivor’s Robe, olive dye (Wildermore Cosmetic, reputation vendor)
Hands: Wildermore Survivor’s Gloves, white dye (Wildermore Cosmetic, reputation vendor)
Feet: Ajokoira Shoes, olive dye (Forochel Tailoring Reputation Recipe or Cosmetic)


  1. I love that robe. Ked and I have both been questing in Wildmore this week for the cosmetics there.

    Your blog is such a terrific resource for players who enjoy outfiting. Post when the inspiration hits you, your readers understand life is busy and we appreciate everything you do *hugs*

    • Thank you Devonna, it’s such a treat to see you and Ked posting again. Wildermore is exactly the right area for this time of year and the robe is all worth the effort (with some wonderful bonus ranger items from the Epic line for Ked of course he he).

  2. This outfit looks so cozy! I never think to use hats like that but you have incorporated it well here.

    I wish us Councillors could talk more about what we do. I think a lot of people would find it an interesting and enlightening look into the game and game development processes. But I understand why they don’t want us to say anything.

    • I understand the nda, no problems there. And it’s good to see some info trickling through every now and again about what has been done based on feedback from the Player Council. Of course what we don’t get to hear about are the issues that remain unchanged despite the feedback. Nevertheless I am convinced it’s an important dynamic. I see player input as elementary to the long term health of Lotro. Thanks for all the good work there!

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