Cosmetic Lotro

Autumn shades



Of all the seasonal outfits that I have created since starting this blog in early 2011, Autumn outfits are probably the most prominent. It is my favorite season of the year, and the Trollshaws have exactly what it takes to get in the mood. So for this year I had to stop by the area and create one more Autumn outfit yet again.


The Harvestmath Festival should be starting by the end of this month. I’m eagerly checking the calendar every day, but so far have not found the dates on there. The Festival will give us all a chance to grind some extra Bounder’s Tokens for (an extra) Steed of Michel Delving. Today’s patch changed the dye pattern on the War-steed Cosmetics of this Steed and made the trimmings able to be dyed. I love it when Turbine makes positive cosmetic changes like that!!



Head: Fine Grey Company Hood, black dye (cosmetic reward from Vol.III, Bk. 5)
Shouders: Shoulders of the Wall-warden, orange dye (skirmish Classic vendor, warden DG set level 65)
Chest: Jacket of the Clever Conselor, black dye (Galtrev, Rune-keeper raid armour)
Hands: Cer. Gloves of the Cabeddan, gold dye (cosmetic from Lalia’s market) *the non-ceremonial version from the Ox-clan camp cannot be dyed*
Legs: Cer. Doom-hunter’s Leggings, black dye (skirmish Cosmetics vendor, hunter Rift set)
Feet: Worn Ranger’s Boots, black dye (cosmetic reward from Vol.III, Bk 5)
Back: Wrap of the Turning Leaves, black dye (cosmetic from Harvestmath Festival)


  1. I like it! BTW, did you notice one of your feet went partially missing in some of the screenshots. Weird to see πŸ˜€
    Anyway, I like the black with orange dye. It makes for a good autumn combination!
    I’ve been waiting for th eHarvestmath festival. If I’m going to complete all three Bounty deeds as well on at least one character, I still need about 4000 tokens…… I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get that amount before November 18th 😦
    Perhaps I will be able to get enough tokens to at least get Sheherezi the Steed of Michel Delving. She’s been working very hard for it, so I think she deserves it πŸ™‚

    • Yes you’ll make it. The Festival rewards plenty of tokens and if you do your rounds every day, there should be enough time to get the steed. And feet do disappear indeed whenever you step on a slope. Lotro bodies are unable to handle ascending or descending areas properly and remove your toes whenever you step on a hill πŸ˜‰

      • Straight from Sheherezi: Good to hear you’re confident that I can get my tokens! I’ll surely do my daily rounds during the festivals and along the way I’ll keep on fighting those aweful monsters. /shudders at the memory of one particular wight who almost killed her.
        I think I never paid enough attention to notice that Lotro bodies can’t handle the ascending/descending. It’s rather funny to see, though πŸ™‚

  2. This too is my favorite time of year, and of course I’ve been working diligently on a bunch of Autumn outfits too. I love the combination of orange and black…it reminds me very much of Halloween! And using black as the dominant color enhances the brighter colors found elsewhere in your outfit! So wonderful being able to blend into the Trollshaws background wearing this.

    And it’s always a good sign when you sit down to Facebook for the first time during the day and cosmetic blogs are at the top of your feed πŸ™‚

  3. woah orange and black look awsome in this outfit! It also matches nicely with the landscape, is an unusual color combo but it sure works! looking forward to Harvestmath! (yay for more haunted burrow runs hehe :P)

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