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My home server Snowbourn finished the Bounder’s Bounty yesterday! Congratulations to all who participated and worked hard to donate those tokens! There was a celebration at the statue when the boon appeared, people were dancing, playing music and lighting fireworks. Even on a non-role-playing server there was a real party!
My hobbit is now the proud owner of a Steed of Michel Delving (which includes the war-steed cosmetic set) and wears the Bountiful Bounder’s title. The matching war-steed cosmetics cannot be dyed** which is always disappointing, but its colours are really lovely so I won’t hold too much of a grudge over this one.
**as of Update 11.5 the olive part of the war-steed cosmetic can be dyed.



However, I do not understand why some of the more prominent items like the pre-order cosmetics in all expansions, cannot be dyed. Items that cannot be dyed instantly lose about 90% of their potential cosmetic value. Those items quickly end up collecting dust in my vault because I simply refuse to let my characters wear the same uniform as everyone else.
Who knows, I might still pre-order some time next month, but it will not be for the cosmetics. I just want to experience Helms Deep and continue playing my story in Middle-earth. Naked if I have to!



Head: Voice of the West Hat, rust dye (Harndirion barter, minstrel set)
Shoulders: Supple Wildermore Shoulders, olive dye (crafted T8 tailoring guild recipe)
Chest: Innkeeper’s Dress, crimson dye (lotro store cosmetic)

Caparison of Michel Delving – cannot be dyed (Bounder’s Bounty Vendor)
Leggings of Michel Delving – cannot be dyed (Bounder’s Bounty Vendor)
Saddle of Michel Delving – (Bounder’s Bounty Vendor)
Rohirrim Elite Tail – (Riders of Rohan war-steed cosmetic)
Hide – black chestnut
Tail & Manes – sorrel


  1. Oh, the steed looks lovely! Oh, and there’s a saddle too? Nice! I didn’t see that with the vendor. Something more Sheherezi probably will want to have!
    Thanks for the sharing these wonderful screenshots!

    • The normal mount looks a bit different, with a pinto hide and all kinds of stuff on the back. I like my war-steed in a plain colour and left out the luggage. The saddle is quite elegant indeed! Thank you for your kind words Choc πŸ™‚

  2. Lasswen

    I’m with you Hymne, it’s disappointing this set doesn’t dye, but I’m ok with it in this case since the colours are nice. A lovely match between outfit, pony and steed gear. It’s not particularly elvish of course, but my hunter is hoping to make use of them when Elendilmir gets the boon.

    Speaking of, I was on Landroval when they reached the total, and while I wasn’t in MD I had a kinmate who was giving me updates on the rapidly approaching goal, and I certainly felt like having a party when the orange text came on screen!

    • Thank you Lasswen, and I think the steed cosmetics are a great addition to any Elf gear too. I will start grinding the tokens for my own Elf as well. I hope your server gets there sooooon! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so excited that your server finally collected the bounties for the statue! Gladden only needs 300,000 more and I hope that happens soon πŸ™‚ Anyway, gorgeous screenshots! I love the fact you kept the steed’s coat a simple one…it looks so much better than the normal steed. Now that I’ve seen the war-steed cosmetics, I’m definitely getting them on my Hobbit and one of my Elves!

    Like you, I’m a bit disappointed that the steed cosmetics can’t be dyed. Too many items have been released in the past year that either have little dyability (if that’s even a word) or none at all. *cough*ereborarmor*cough*

    • Ooooh your server is very very close. People start to really push hard to get the last ones in. Don’t be surprised if it happens within the next hour! And ‘dyeablity’ is definitely a word and so is ‘dyability’. It has to be! πŸ˜‰

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  5. gratz on Snowbourne for reaching the goal! I made an attempt for a matched outfit on my elf loremaster when I got this steed, I think is one of the very few times I ever used olive dye XD
    your hobbit lass, is soooo adorable! Dress and shoulder go perfectly together, and the feathered hat maker her face look so cute! Great ensemble!

  6. Lovely shots and I love the dress/shoulders/steed combo! Awesome choice of mane colour to go with the caparison too. I’m with you on leaving out the baggage — I got the steed for one of my little hobbit alts but he doesn’t have a warsteed yet. I really like it but it looks so much more elegant here without all the trappings.

    • Thank you Starry. The extra gear with the vegetables is great fun for a hobbit war-pony. It just doesn’t match this particular caparison, but it looks great on the Sutcroft one. I hope your hobbit lad makes it to Rohan some day! πŸ™‚

  7. Skatmat

    Hey how did you manage to keep that look of the warsteed’s mane? I mean, usually when you equip anything on the warsteed its hair changes completely. The look on this warsteed’s mane is as the ‘naked’ warsteeds standard mane. How? I find it so ugly when the mane changes when you equip anything. The ‘naked’ mane is so much prettier and natual looking.

    • I do not equip a Halter, and just leave the mane visible. Other than that I do nothing special. Mind you that the steed in these screenshots is a war-PONY. The manes differ slightly from the regular sized war-steed that elves and men ride.

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