Cosmetic Lotro




I think the regular Steed of Plenty is incredibly dull, but fortunately its caparison dyes very nicely so I decided to spice up its colours a bit on my warsteed to make it look more bountiful. The 120 tokens are not hard to accumulate, with only a couple of hours play you should be able to get this, which I think is wonderful as I can get it on all my warsteed riding characters.
In my view the robe is best used without any shoulder pads or hoods. It is very decorative and those decorations are covered up by most accessories.



It’s unfortunate that for the second year in a row Turbine is doing back to back festivals in summer again. While there is a very long and boring span between Yule and Anniversary, and months go by without any festivals, now we are getting them too soon too often again. Since Anniversary we got Spring festival, Treasure Hunt, Summer Festival, Farmer’s Faire, and the tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner already around the corner and a month after that Autumn Fest is already due. Not to mention the launch of the new expansion and all those Bounder’s Tokens that still need to be collected for Michel Delving. Too much to do in too little time!


2013-013fHead: Tactical Eastemnet Campaign Circlet, black dye (crafted T8 light armour)
Chest: Robe of Plenty, crimson dye (Farmer’s Faire cosmetic)
Hands: The Beast-keeper’s Gloves, cannot be dyed (Ox-clan camp Loremaster armour)
Feet: Gardening Boots, black dye (Farmer’s Faire cosmetic

Caparison of Plenty, crimson (Farmer’s Faire reward)
Halter of the Minstrel, crimson
Leggings of the Minstrel, crimson
Plain Saddle
Hide & Tail, black


  1. Lasswen

    Wow, that does look quite striking! Though I could be biased since my football team wears red and black ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree that the design on the robe, cloak and caparison are quite decorative, but I don’t think I shall bother getting it for my level 85 character, and there’s even less chance of me getting the regular steed.
    In some ways I think Turbine have spaced out the run of festivals better than last year, perhaps due to the expansion release this year being later. The treasure event is definitely something that could be held at another time (wonder if it will be on again during the pirate event), particularly between the Yule and Spring/Anniversary fests as it was once.
    I am certainly looking forward to the Autumn fest and the steed and cosmetics related to that, with the hint of “Spooky bat” on the splash screens for the Farmer’s Faire!

  2. Anebath

    Wow! This outfit and mount just pop, wonderful look! I was struggling with an outfit using the new festival cos set and was thinking along the lines of Violet/Indigo/White. But the Crimson/Black takes the lead. Awesome job Hymne ๐Ÿ˜€

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