Cosmetic Lotro

Summer afternoon



The good part of the Summer Festival in my opinion is that Turbine has offered us an enjoyable festival without too much of a steep grind to obtain our items. Just like the Spring Festival, the amount of tokens needed for a horse or the (war-steed) cosmetics is well within reason. This makes it fun for me to participate with all my characters without feeling like I’m doing something I should not be doing. So far 3 of my characters have obtained the horse.
Unfortunately I’m not very excited about the matching cosmetics. There is no dress in the new set, which is a disappointment if you like the girly stuff, and the old world design that is used for the robe is well… old. I would have loved to have seen this rising sun design on one of the longer Dunland model robes. The war-steed cosmetic consists of only one piece, the caparison. There is no matching saddle, leggings or halter. This is in line with the looks of the regular horse version.
So for my matching war-steed outfit I decided to use a classic dress, and I’ll just store that robe for colder days in Autumn. The war-steed caparison dyes well in all colors, although in my opinion not all colors are a good match to the greenish hemline. Fortunately the old Rohan pre-order war-steed cosmetics come in handy now if you wish to use additional gear, as their color green is an exact match to the hemline.



Chest: Innkeeper’s Dress (olive dye), Lotro Store cosmetic
Head: Harvest-brew Circlet (no dye), Fall Fesitval cosmetic
Hand: Foxglove, reward from Epic Vol.III, Book 10, Ch.15, hand item

Caparison of the Midsummer (sienna dye)
Rohirrim Elite Leggings (no dye), Rohan pre-order item
Rohirrim Elite Tail (copper), Rohan pre-order item
Hide (dark chestnut)


  1. Pointy

    That dress is really pretty in its simplicity. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love the circlet but somehow missed that one last year! Is it a rep item? I’m disappointed there’s no dress in the festival set, because that leaf detail is very delicate and lovely to look at. The robes look okay from the front but those bands across the back make butts look big (and not in the good way!). ๐Ÿ˜‰ How have you got a flower in your hand??

    The horsie cosmetics look good, and the combination of the festival blankie with the other pieces works well. ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t help but wonder if that’s a good look for a war horse though – isn’t stuff likely to get tangled in the blankie? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I read your comments about the festival and personally I disagree. The summer festival is the one I always struggle to get tokens for. There seem to be fewer quests than the other festivals, and they only offer one token each. There ARE the fishing quests and things, and you can barter fish for tokens, but the fishing relies entirely on luck and although the first year they did it, I did stand and grind to get the area-specific dresses, I have little luck with fishing. I’ve stood for hours before, and not managed to get a single barter fish. I’ll be lucky if I get my horsie on my main for this festival, and probably won’t be able to get enough tokens for the war horsie. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Hi Pointy, I agree about the dangers of running around with such a large blanket on the horse! When traversing the planes of Rohan it’s better to use something more practical.
      Regarding the Festival quests I can only respond that I managed to get around 40 tokens in an hour and a half every time. I start out doing both race quests (Keg+Pie), and do the extra daily in the Keg instance as well, which will net me at least 3 tokens. Then I move on to do the Horse race in the Shire, another 3 tokens. Then I go to Hobbiton for the dailies, for another 2 tokens and purchase the Hobbit fireworks for later. Then I go to the fishing hole, do the lost items quest for 1 token and go fishing for 10 minutes timer in the pond. This will always yield barter fish. Make sure you have the quest active or you won’t fish any barter fish!!
      Then I move on to Duillond, do the daily there for a token and purchase the Elven fireworks. Then to Celondim to fish for the 20min timer. Again, make sure you activate the quest first!! Then I move on to Thorins Hall, do the daily from the Inn for another token, purchase the Dwarf fireworks, and fish on the 20 min timer (get quest first!!). Lastly I go to Breeland to fish for the 20 mins timer (quest!!), and finish off going to the Breeland festival grounds to do the horse race for 3 tokens and hand in the fireworks for another token. If I didn’t get lucky enough I will repeat the races to complete my 40 tokens. This should get you a horse or the warsteed cosmetics within 90 mins! Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Another beautiful outfit! I, too used the Harvest Brew Circlet ( one of my favs). But I used the light leggings of the norcrofts (dyed olive) and the light saddle of the Norcrofts which almost perfectly covers the gold pad that is default. GIves a little different look. But as always, I am very inspired by this lovely combination.

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