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Mugshot Contest 2013

You can find the announcement for the Mugshot Contest here.

The Mugshot Contest has inspired many players to come up with fun and original screenshots and crime stories. Of course everybody deserves to win, but we had to make a selection from the entries and pick the finalists, so the winners are:

1st Prize – 1500 Turbine Points
Runcible of SnowbournRuncible of Snowbourn
Runcible Spooner has had his knuckles rapped for a Boardinghouse Reach violation and dishing up dessert with a non-regulation spoon.

* * *

2nd Prize – 1000 Turbine Points
Margeylane of Brandywine
Margeylane of Brandywine
Margey was held on counts of “Criminal Culinary Craft” and “Potash Pudding”.

* * *

3rd Prize – 500 Turbine Points
Dhelin of Estel
Dhelin of Estel
Dhelin the Barber was banned and his beard and hair cut short in consequence of a lack of barbering skills.

* * *

Crime Story Prize – “The Sociable” ingame title & Cremello Steed
Thego of Firefoot
Thego of Firefoot
Thego was trying to impress the ladies, as he often did. This time his eye had been caught by Rosemary, a hobbit-lass working at the Prancing Pony. “Every woman likes cats”, Thego thought, and so he scouted around Bree, looking for one. He came across a house full of cats, and sneakily carried one off. “She has so many, she won’t notice if I take one,” he thought. Little did he know it was the cat lady’s favorite, Horatio, that he had stolen. It was only after sitting in jail for two days that he found out Rosemary was allergic to cats.

* * *

Many thanks to all who participated in the contest , thank you Starry from The Starry Mantle for co-hosting the contest with me and a thank you to Turbine who kindly provided us with the prizes.


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  2. Sure I have enjoyed. It was a very fun to participate contest, and an original one I though.

    The cherry on the cake is that I win something with my minimalistic outfit, it’s unexpected considering the supposed talent of the viewers of such a wonderful blog.

    Thanks to you two.

  3. Laurelinde

    Little does Runcie know, his prize points have been confiscated along with his spoon, and will be distributed among more deserving (read: less obnoxious) Hobbits.

    Thank you from the beneficiaries (the Widow Hedgerow and the twins, Flaxen and Towhead).

    It was a super contest and Thego is a prize thug, if ever I saw one!

      • Laurelinde

        Thank you again, Hymne. If anyone wants to get the same effect, the trick is to open a cell door and run your character around (or through) to its far side. Turn your subject to face the bars, and emote like mad before the door falls shut again. (S/he will be in the corridor, so you must be careful to angle the shot so it includes a cell wall in the backdrop.)

        The tactic only works for a cropped “photo” as cell doors don’t reach the floor, and the subject’s feet will appear footloose and fancy free 🙂

  4. Margeylane

    Thank you so much! 😀 Everybody did such a great job. I can’t believe Runcible got his arm to go through the bars like that. And let Dhelin know he can cut my hair any time. :p Also, three cheers for Horatio, the cat lady’s favorite cat! This was a lot of fun. ❤ Thanks again.

  5. Woot! I come home from a trip abroad and find my own little story the winner! That was a pleasant surprise if I ever had one:) Been smiling to myself all day and am very grateful and humbled that you liked my crime story so much:) Thank you, you made my day:)

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