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I know that it’s not at all lore-appropriate to run around Middle-earth looking like a Musketeer, but since I am a hopeless romantic I just had to make my own Comte d’Artagnan. I originally made my male Champion to sort of look like Aragorn, but ever since I created him some four years ago I have used him to look like more or less any attractive man that I could think of. I’m convinced that many male MMO players create female toons to look at something pleasing as well, non?
I was never able to create the perfect Musketeer-look but accidentally found the new Tier 8 Wildermore crafted heavy armour to be a very good match to an old cloak he had in his vault, and I was pleased enough with the end result to post it to my blog.



My summer holiday has started and rather than sitting outside in the sun I find myself drawn to outfitting again. Some bad habits never go away I guess, ha ha. I may be posting a few more in the next few weeks!



Chest: Potent Wildermore Armour (Ered Luin Blue dye) – crafted T8 Wildermore heavy armour
Head: Elegant Plumed Hat (Ered Luin Blue dye) – Lotro store cosmetic
Shoulders: Storyteller’s Furlined Mantle (Ered Luin Blue dye) – Dunland quest reward
Hands: Eastemnet Skirmish Gauntlets (Ered Luin Blue dye) – crafted T8 medium armour
Feet: Disused Boots of the Dunland Soothsayer (Ered Luin Blue dye) – Dunland quest reward
Back: Cloak of the Stronghold (Ered Luin Blue dye) – drop from Igash, Grand Stairs Moria


  1. I like a lot the pattern of the hauberk, is a very good match with the cloak and the deep blue and white look good together 🙂 also nice poses for the screenshots ;D

  2. Lasswen

    Oh, I happened upon a different hat and cloak combination that had me then going through to find a Musketeer look I could do! I shall have to search through all my alts vaults though, didn’t quite have what I needed in the wardrobe at the moment.
    I haven’t quite got up to speed with the Wildermore stuff, but that chest piece is quite nice. Nicely combined outfit too with the beige of the diamonds on the chest piece, the boot tops, and the cloak. 🙂

    • I agree that there are many more options to create the Musketeer look, but this chestpiece seems to be an excellent match for it. If you don’t have access to the Wildermore recipes but do have a Metalsmith with maxed out Guild reputation, you can learn a new Guild recipe with the same appearance!

  3. Brilliant outfit, I love it! The graphic-ness of the diamonds on the chest and cloak is great. When I first saw that outfit I got a bit of an eastern vibe from it, and now here it is in a completely different and very fitting context. Just goes to show how creative combinations can take a piece in so many directions. 🙂

  4. Oh, that chestpiece sure looks nice, seems to be a completely new design. And I wasn’t gonna do Wildermore…hmm, I might have to change my mind:) Nice match with the “hopeless” beige on the cloak, I made an outfit with that cloak too:)

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