Cosmetic Lotro

Nimrodel sentinel

An Elven-maid there was of old,
A shining star by day:
Her mantle white was hemmed with gold,
Her shoes of silver-grey.

Where now she wanders none can tell,
In sunlight or in shade;
For lost of yore was Nimrodel
And in the mountains strayed.

– excerpt from Lay of Nimrodel by J.R.R. Tolkien

A beautifully performed song of the Lay of Nimrodel by Margaret Davis from Brocelïande can be found here.

The Song of Nimrodel is sung by Legolas while he and the Company rested by the Nimrodel after they fled the Mines of Moria and lost Gandalf to the Balrog. The song was long and sad, for it spoke of the sorrow that came upon Lothlórien when the Dwarves found evil in the mountains.

The Summer Festival is in full swing and everyone is having a merry time, except that the supply of ale is really crippled this year because the Dwarves seem to have a lot of trouble getting their kegs to work. I don’t know who sabotaged the ale supply, but without the usual good mug of brew this festival is only half the fun. Fortunately the supply of pies and more pies did not suffer the same fate, so the hobbits are overeating as usual. The fishing is fun… for 5 minutes. Fishing for over an hour is definitely not my idea of celebrating a festival. And after sitting in silence staring at the water in Celondim, I am so ready to kick that Cat off the docks.
With the introduction of the new Farmers Faire and the new Treasure Hunt this year, there are almost too many events now and since there were several delays this season, they ended up on an almost back to back schedule which causes slight Festival fatigue. On top of that, the bugs do not encourage participation.
In any case, I’m doing my best fishing and ignoring the Cat, to collect my needed amount of tokens for the cosmetics and horses. The cosmetics are wonderfully Elvish and inspired me to create a Lórien elf. I know my model isn’t anything like Nimrodel, but walking up and down the Nimrodel river reminded me of her story, so I added that.
I think this is the first time I ever used Dark Green Dye in an outfit. I have had those pots sitting in my inventory forever!

Chest : Summerdays Dress, gold dye (Summer Festival, cosmetic)
Shoulders: Berserker’s Shoulders, dark green dye (Mirkwood barter reward, Champion)
Head: Berserker’s Helm, dark green dye (Mirkwood barter reward, Champion)
Handheld item: Lantern (Farmers Faire)


  1. I keep seeing these Champion cosmetics all over Imladris recently. Well… I saw two people in the same day. Haha but that’s so much more than I’ve ever seen before. I must level some alts that aren’t casters.

  2. Fairymore

    How are you so good at finding back grounds that match perfectly with your outfits, that is talent right there =]
    The outfit is really great, the champion helm and shoulders are beautiful and they really go well with the dress, they do not seem so threatening as heavy armor here.

    As a side note i am also impressed on how you have so much access to exclusive armor pieces lol

    • Wow thank you for all those kind compliments! I do have a lot of armour pieces indeed! He he. With four end-level characters that’s not really difficult to obtain, and I have loads of alts between 20-60, so also a lot of storage space to keep unbound items. But I keep craving more and more!

  3. Sorchawen

    I have to say I wasn’t much impressed with the new dress, but you always seem to find that hidden glimmer in each piece of clothing/armour that is normally overlooked. You always impress me, and that opinion of you and your site is reinforced once again as I listen to the link for the song Lay of Nimrodel by Margaret Davis. Thank you for a very beautiful, restful few minutes.

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