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Beta sneak peek: War-steed Mount Appearances

Now that the NDA has been officially lifted from the Riders of Rohan Beta, it is safe for me to share some impressions with you!

First off, I would like to emphasize that the decision by Turbine to delay the release date has been a very good one. One that is supported by the vast majority of Beta players. The Riders of Rohan expansion brings us a completely new battle system: Mounted Combat. Though already in a very advanced state of development when Beta started, some of the issues involving this new system have only surfaced once a large amount of players started using it and these and other issues really need to be addressed before release. On the other side the design of Rohan itself is finished and beyond awesomeness. Armour designs and War-steed appearances are finished, but not everything is present in the current Beta build yet. Appearances for end-game armour are currently not in the world but Jadzi from Lotro Wiki has posted a complete preview of the crafted items and quest rewards. Keep an eye out for any posts from Jadzi as he always makes the most excellent screenshots and documentation of any Beta. You may also want to check out the crafted armour preview on Material Middle Earth.

The good, or perhaps best news about Rohan is that we get to play around with an entirely new cosmetic system: the War-steed Appearance panel! I will get to writing a guide and explanation at some later stage when the Beta build is more finished in that regard (not everything works currently), but in this post I am just trying to give you a tiny preview of what our new mounts could look like in Rohan. Let me tell you that if you don’t want to dress up your mount, and you want to ride around bareback that is entirely possible! You can remove all cosmetics from your mount including the saddle and not use them if you don’t want to. But if you do like to use some accessories, there seems to be a new world of outfitting opening up to us. Of course at release it will be limited to a few quest rewards and store items, but I am sure that this system will be worked on and grow in the future, just like our player character cosmetic system has grown from two outfit panels to an entire wardrobe system over the past years. So the limited options that we will have at release, are merely the beginning of something huge in my opinion.

The outfit panel for your War-steed offers 5 cosmetic item slots, 1 tail slot and 1 hide slot. The items that can be slotted are:
Body: Caparison – can be dyed
Head: Halter – can be dyed
Saddle: Saddle – can NOT be dyed
Legs: Leggings – can be dyed
Gear: Accessories – can NOT be dyed
Then there is a Hide slot and a Tail slot. These slots don’t work properly in Beta yet (the tail slot does nothing yet and the Hide colour options don’t work, so only one type of steed colour in these previews). However these items speak for themselves, you can change the colour of your steed’s skin and tail there, and I assume that in the future texture packs might be added too, so you can have a braided tail, a short tail or perhaps a pinto skin. But these options are not currently available!

As it stands, the dye colours are store exclusive. There are no recipes for Scholars in the game to make War-steed appearance dyes (nor did Scholars get any new dyes at all, grrrmbl). So it seems that if you want to play around with colours on your cosmetics or your hides, you need to purchase colour packs in the store. A base colour pack consists of 8 different colours and an additional pack of 4 different colours. There are 5 different dye-packs for items and 6 different dye-packs for hides/tails (in Beta not everything works and it may all change).

On riding your new mount I would like to comment that these steeds are NOTHING like our current horses. Don’t expect to just mount one and ride off like you are used to with your normal mounts. This is a different animal. Both you and the horse will need patience, training and time of getting used to the new skills and movement controls. The horse moves differently and needs traits to be able to do certain things. All this takes time and you will inevitably slam into a few walls before you get the hang of it. But once you and your steed have gotten acquainted a little and some basic skill points are distributed, movement will improve and riding across the plains of Rohan is an absolute joy!

So on to a few screenshots of War-steeds wearing Lotro Store cosmetic items in the current Beta build:

click on the image for a larger screenshot

Head: Hunter’s Halter – white (part of the Steed of the Hunter set)
Body: Hunter’s Caparison – white (part of the Steed of the Hunter set)
Legs: Hunter’s Leggings – white (part of the Steed of the Hunter set)
Saddle: Hunter’s Saddle – white (part of the Steed of the Hunter set)
Gear: Empty

click on the image for a larger screenshot

Head: Empty
Body: Elven Light Leather Caparison – white (Lotro Store item)
Legs: Empty
Saddle: Empty
Gear: Empty

click on the image for a larger screenshot

Head: Marauder Halter – black (Lotro Store item)
Body: Marauder Caparison – sienna (Lotro Store item)
Legs: Marauder Leggings – black (Lotro Store item)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle – (default item)
Gear: Empty

click on the image for a larger screenshot

Head: Battlemail Halter – white (Lotro Store item)
Body: Battlemail Caparison – white (Lotro Store item)
Legs: Battlemail Leggings – umber (Lotro Store item)
Saddle: Plain Black Saddle – (default item)
Gear: Champion’s Gear – (part of the Steed of the Champion set)

click on image for larger screenshot

Head: Medium Leather Halter – sienna (Lotro Store item)
Body: Medium Leather Caparison – sienna (Lotro Store item)
Legs: Hunter’s Leggings – black (part of the Steed of the Hunter set)
Saddle: Medium Leather Saddle – (Lotro Store item)
Gear: Hunter’s Gear – (part of the Steed of the Hunter set)

Note that all of these preview screenshots consist of items that are bought in the Lotro Store. In Beta I’ve never come far enough into the levels to actually earn any of the War-steed cosmetic quest rewards (characters got whiped and starting over is hard for me), but from what I understand these are available, so the Lotro Store is not going to be your only source for horse cosmetics! However supporting this game through the purchase of cosmetic items rather than stat-enhancing items has always been my personal preference.

Disclaimer: all information in this post comes from Beta and is subject to change (and prone to my personal errors and omissions).


  1. D.J.

    I have not been able to play much in the Beta and with the game crashing every 15 minutes, it has been pretty hard to progress my steed far, but all that aside I like the system. It is more difficult, but feels more realistic. So far my biggest problem has been riding too wide and accidentally inviting every mob in the vicinity into a fight.

  2. Great post, thanks so much for sharing, Hymne! Looks like there are going to be so many possibilities for beautiful and creative outfit/steed combinations. I’m really looking forward to seeing what folks will come up with as the system unfolds going forward (and playing around myself, of course!).

  3. Awesome post, Hymne! It’s so exciting to see the steed outfit panel and an explanation of the mechanics behind this. It’s been such a joy playing around with the mount cosmetics in beta, coordinating them with player outfits!

    Oh yes, I’ve linked you on my blog as a part of my RoR crafted cosmetics post πŸ˜€

  4. pakita

    I don’t like what turbine is doing with the horses in this expansion (visually). The one in Battlemail is ok, the rest… I would rather not comment.

  5. Apparently, you can get the cosmetics akin to the Winged Herald’s Steed from quests. Completing Harwick grants you the caparison. Others I’ve seen but haven’t been able to gain.

  6. TheElvenTailor

    I love the first steed, by the way. So rugged and awesome! I can’t wait for this expansion and it’s new challanges πŸ˜€

  7. Pointy

    All these options look great! πŸ˜€ I’m loving the idea of customising my mount in the new place. Are these war steeds available to ride on regular landscape, or will they only be rideable in Rohan itself? Also, with some of these ‘horse clothing’ items being store purchases, is there ‘try on’ feature for those like for people? I see your screen shot of the dye options, so I’m hoping there is, but we never know. πŸ˜€

    I wonder if I can give my horsie a colourful mane and tail…. He can be a My Little WarPony. πŸ˜€

    • The Mount Appearance Panel (picture) is similar to our Dressing Room. You can preview items on your horse and colours. There is even a checkbox to see the mount with rider on it, so you can compare the mount to your character outfit. And yes you will be able to dye your horse’s skin and tail/mane, but its currently not working in beta.

  8. Cambruin

    Really nice work! Thank you so much, not only for this but for everything. It’s nice to see that after being inactive for over a year, your favorite LotRO sources are still going strong.

    So once again, thanks for this and everything else!

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