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Fashion Contest – my entries

First of all, I want to give a big hug, bow and compliments to the winners of the Fashion Contest! Congratulations! This has been a wonderfully creative contest and I admire all of the winning entries!

There has been much debate on the forum regarding the difference between judging the outfit and judging the screenshot. In my view, the outfit itself is the first and most important part of this contest. The outfit should be well matched in design and colours and it should be an original creation (meaning not just a generic set). But the outfit itself is only the beginning, because from there comes the challenge to match it with the right background and setting. Sometimes even the time of day can be important. In other words, the outfit itself is always the focal point but putting care into the rest of the screenshot as well can greatly influence the perception of an outfit. I think Fleurlis, who won the Fan Favorite award for the contest, expressed this very well in both her entry and her responses.

I had a great deal of fun creating some outfits for the contest myself. I decided to experiment with ambiance, lighting and colours a bit. I had so much fun doing all kinds of crazy things to test effects and going through trial and error that I ended up with a file full of useless pictures and a very limited number of useable ones. I selected a few and sent them in for the contest, knowing full well that some screenshots were a bit avant-garde and I had no idea if they would even receive a second glance from the jury.
But regardless of the jury’s opinion, I thought they are worth sharing with you!

Click on the pictures to see the full screenshot!

Professionally Minded #1:

Professionally Minded #2:

Formal Extravagance #1:

Formal Extravagance #2:

Fashion in Motion #1:

Fashion in Motion #2:


  1. Bob

    Hehe. I bet you fashion bloggers were secretly black-listed by Turbine so us normal folks have chance to win, cos these are too awesome to not get noticed. :p

    Woodcutter hobbit is shmexy.

    • Lol, you “normal folks” are quite awesome!
      However, it may be true that our entries were somewhat ignored, because our blogs were already so much the center of attention by being part of the Fashionista panel already, that making one of our entries a winner as well would have been a bit over the top. I kind of knew that, but decided to participate anyway because it was just so much fun to try for something different and better than what I normally post on my blog. In the end, the evening of fun I had is what I thoroughly enjoyed and cherish, not a winning position. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hymne, your entries were AWESOME! the one I like the most is the matching outfit for the Steed of Bright Days – it’s joyful, crazy and well-matched at the same time. I’m seriously thinking of getting my hands on the mount when I’ll have a chance and copying the outfit – it’s really full of optimism ๐Ÿ™‚ great job!

  3. Iaksones

    Wow! I love the second Fashion-in-Motion entry. I don’t remember what horse that is, but good job making a crimson, grey, and greenish-grey outfit. I especially like how you found a cloak with that greenish-grey color

  4. Serendipity

    Lovely outfits Hymne, I agree with the comment above, you bloggers need to give us ordinary folks a chance ๐Ÿ˜€ Wonderful shots above.

  5. I didn’t enter the contest though I think some of my outfits would have worked well for it. I actually didn’t want to win! I’m not really sure how forum titles work, but I didn’t want to risk the title for winning this contest overriding my current forum title, Musical Scribe of the Ages, which I love to death.

    Anyway, I LOVE that first outfit. The sea blue and green together in that robe look spectacular!

    • Fionnuala I totally understand you would not want to lose your awesome title! But it shouldn’t pose an inhibition to participate in a contest! Perhaps next time you could ask Celestrata what the consequences would be, perhaps you would have the option to retain your old title, even if you win another.

  6. All the shots are really great, very good job!! But the first one is simply perfect! amazing! and more words I can’t express on how much I loved it. Would it be too much to ask information about the pieces you used for it, and the place?

    Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Chest- Armour of the Seven Stars, sea blue dye (Annuminas Classic Barter, light or cosmetic)
      Feet – Boots of the Golden Wood, sea blue dye (crafted T6 medium)
      Hands – Fingerless Gloves, sienna dye (Yule Festival Reward)
      Head – Circlet of the Seven Stars, sea blue dye (Annuminas Classic Barter, light or cosmetic)
      Location – Frogmorton, The Shire
      Thank you for the sweet comments!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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