Cosmetic Lotro


I think this outfit represents what I like most about outfitting: taking pieces from different origins and creating a new ensemble out of them that matches in colours, style and design.  When I started off this blog I created a “fancy huntress” outfit for this character. Today I went back to create another feminine and stylish huntress outfit. The newer Dunland pieces and the old world crafted armour and cosmetics match quite well if you are careful. Not everything matches, and unfortunately a lot of the older armour “clips” with the newer designs, so it’s a bit of trial and error to find something that works, but I can assure you that I find that process much more enjoyable than slapping on a generic pre-made armour set!

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up in the Lorebook, by typing its name into the search box. You can equip any piece of armour cosmetically through the wardrobe, even armour that is not meant for your class or level.

Head : Rider’s Studded Helmet, navy dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)

Chest : Elven Outriders Armour, crimson dye (crafted, medium)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Helmingas, default dye (RoI pre-order, cosmetic)

Hands: Dolen Lhaw, burgundy dye (Vol.III book 4 reward, medium)

Legs: Scarred leg=guards of the Pren Gwydh Warrior, navy dye (Dunland quest reward, heavy)

Feet: West-land Boots, burgundy dye (crafted, heavy)

Back: Fancy Quiver, navy dye (Trestlebridge outfitter, cosmetic)


  1. Ariel

    This is absolutely beautiful! I’ve seen every outfit on your blog, but this is my favorite by far! The colors, the design, it’s all perfect. Definitely going to plan on something like this for my Hunter!

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