Cosmetic Lotro


On my blog you will very rarely find an outfit assembled out of current raid gear or major instance grinds. I am a hardcore casual player, I play lots of alts and have an insatiable wanderlust, which causes me to sometimes dwell in the Old Forest at level 75, just to get a closer look at certain details or simply sit down in wonderment watching the Middle Earth sun go down. I am not very consistent when it comes to grouping or raiding, I do groups and raid sometimes (my main is a minstrel after all), but then sometimes weeks go by that I just don’t feel like doing that at all. This way of lotro-life is reflected in the armour pieces I own and gather. I love to grind for retro-gear, and do older instances just for that purpose sometimes. One such piece is the Annuminas light armour robe, an intricately detailed robe with a light green base colour that fits both males and females well.

When Update 5 goes live, the older skirmish barter armour pieces from Annuminas, Helegrod, Great Barrows etc. will no longer require their specific instance marks. All will be converted to one type of currency (marks, medallions and seals), which opens up a lot more flexibility when it comes to choosing which gear to buy. This means that with Update 5, you will be able to barter for the Cosmetic versions of the Annuminas armour, without needing the specific Annuminas marks anymore. It will become quite possible to grind for these cosmetics just doing skirmishes and smaller instances! I think this a great development for cosmetics lovers that loathe the 6-man Annuminas instances. I forgot to check on Bullroarer how much they will actually barter for, but I can assure you that the cost will be worth it! Each of the three Annuminas cosmetics set (light, medium and heavy) is awesome. I highly recommend the cosmetics fan to go get them.

It feels like someone is laughing behind my back…

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up in the Lorebook, by typing its name into the search box. You can equip any piece of armour cosmetically through the wardrobe, even armour that is not meant for your class or level.

Head : Padded Hat of the Dunland Soothsayer, Rivendell green dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Chest : Robe of the Seven Stars, Rivendell green dye (barter reward from Annuminas, light)

Shoulders: Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer, Rivendell green dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Hands: Westfold Campaing Gloves, Rivendell green dye (crafted, light)

Feet: Weathered Leather Scout’s Boots, Rivendell green dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)


  1. I can’t wait for this update! I absolutely adore the Annuminas sets for cosmetics but rarely grouped up for the coin pieces (and i never pug), thanks for the info regarding barter changes.

  2. izzywizz

    Wow, I cant wait for update 5. I have been drooling over the Annuminas sets for a long time as I rarely get the option to do the Annuminas instances. But with the forthcoming changes I might be able to get hold of that beautiful armour. πŸ™‚
    Cute turtle!!

  3. Denrilo/Chosukabe

    “I am a hardcore casual player, I play lots of alts and have an insatiable wanderlust(…)”

    Yes you are πŸ˜€

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