Cosmetic Lotro

PAX East mount contest!

Today is a special date (11.11.11) and sometimes odd things happen where odd numbers are involved. In my case Turbine asked me to play Fashion Maven for you and sent me 5 PAX East mount codes to give away to Lotro players who make an effort to look good! Over the coming week I will be running a PAX East mount outfit contest and the best 5 entries will win a mount code. In addition, the best winning entry will be featured on this blog!

To participate you need to create an original outfit that matches the PAX East mount colours (white, red and blue). You may create as many outfits as you like and enter each outfit separately (however in my experience it doesn’t really get better after the second try!). You send in two screenshots of your outfit with a front and a back view. You may send an additional third screenshot with a close-up.

You have a bit over a week to send in your creations, the contest closes on Sunday November 20, 2011.

 Here’s the rules, I’ll keep them as simple as possible.

  • The contest runs from Friday November 11th until Sunday November 20th, 6.00PM EST.
  • You may enter as many outfits as you like.
  • You send in two screenshots: one of the front and one of the backside of the outfit. You may send in an additional third screenshot of a close-up. Please don’t resize or crop them, but send them in full size.
  • You send your screenshots in an email to cosmeticlotro AT (where AT stands for @). Please put PAX mount contest in the subject line.
  • Tell me your character’s name, class and level and the server you play on.

Some tips and tricks:

  • Both Devonna from LotroStylist and I have done a PAX mount outfit before. Check them out to get inspired: Equestrian Contest Prize and Old Glory.
  • The best dyes to match the Cremello horse’s colours are navy blue and crimson, but depending on the base colour of the item you may need to use ered luin blue or red as well.
  • Before making your screenshots, make sure that your graphics are tweaked to the max. In graphics settings put anti-aliasing on 8x. In advanced graphics settings make sure that “texture detail” is set to the highest settings possible. Use F12 to remove your UI-buttons and Printscreen to take your screenshots. You can find your Screenshots in your “my documents/lord of the rings online” folder.
  • Just like photographs in real life, screenshots of clothing and outfits benefit from light. Try to take your screenshot in a well lit area, preferably outside during daytime with the sun in your face and your shadow at your back.

Good luck and I hope to receive lots of beautiful entries over the coming week. Please make it hard for me pick the winners!


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