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Mithril guard

I did something I never thought I was going to do: I started a dwarf character! Last week the character slots were on sale, so I took the opportunity to open up an extra slot and fill it with the only race and class that I have never played before: a dwarf guardian. After ten levels I must say that guardian is most definitely not my class, but I am not giving up yet! Even though he is still a low level guard, I had to give him an outfit that looked a little better than the boring medium leather stuff from the quest rewards. To my surprise I found that items that I usually discard from my inventory, actually suite a dwarf very well! One such item is the Hauberk of the Mithril Guard. This item appears in my inventory each time I create a new character, and I actually never used it on any of my other characters. However, I think it’s very appropriate for a dwarf! The hauberk has a dark blue-greenish shade as base colour so it only dyes well in darker colours and blues are best. The shoulders on the hauberk are coloured in a beautiful bright gold so it would be shame to cover them up with anything.

The Hauberk of the Mithril Guard was a 2008 give away item from However, you might still be able to grab a code for that hauberk if you follow the steps mentioned in this forumpost. Thank you Sandybux for the tip!

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up in the Lorebook, by typing its name into the search box. You can equip any piece of armour cosmetically through the wardrobe, even armour that is not meant for your class or level.

Head: Westfold Campaign Hat, Evendim blue dye (crafted, light)

Chest : Hauberk of the Mithril Guard, Evendim blue dye (mmorpg gift 2008, cosmetic)

Hands: Cured Barnavon Hunter’s Gauntlets, gold dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)

Feet: Boar-hide Boots, gold dye (Men of Dunland reputation reward, medium)


  1. Denrilo/Chosukabe/Torii

    Dwarves look really nice on Plate heavy armour. In robes and medium armour — meh ^^

    This one looks nice, I confess I never liked hauberks.

  2. Bob

    ^ Dwarves can look awesome in robes with proper accessories. They obviously can’t pull off the slim elegant look like elves do due to their lack of long slender bodies, so they’ll just have to go a different direction. Sort of like Danny DeVito’s Penguin kind of awesome instead.

    Anyway, I’ve got a question totally unrelated to this post. I might be imagining things, I seem to recall you posting a pair of gloves that look like bear paws once, but I can’t find it now after going through half the archives. I don’t mean the “bear claws” CD gloves, I mean a pair of gloves that actually look like bear paws. Does such a thing exist? If not, is there any close approximation? I just need something that at the very least looks thick and big and boxing-gloves-like.

      • Denrilo/Chosukabe/Torii

        You did talked about some bear something item that only came from Carn DΓ»m.

        Bob, what I mean is that the current character model and silhouete (hope I wrote that right) its distorted. Male Man, Dwarf and Male Hobbits have a distortion on the model that also creates a distortion on cosmetics, especially on Robes for these particular races/genders, the visual distortion is at the character waist. If you use a Robe on Male Man or Dwarf this is quite visible.

      • Yes, but Bob said that he didn’t mean the Bear Claws from Carn Dum.
        And my champ is not distorted!! He’s very saxeh!!! ;P
        Ok the male hobbit and dwarf do have awkward bodies, but I think it is intentional. It makes the cosmetics look different, but I would argue that some robes do look good on dwarves.

      • Bob

        And yea, I must have dreamt up those bear paws. 😦

        This game needs more novelty cosmetics IMO.

        I can understand the lore purists not wanting to go into battle all dressed up like giant mascots, but not everyone is fighting all the time. The kind of things we can wear for fun-times are so limited. There’s like a few festival novelty hats, a few animal heads and the turtle/keg backpacks from the cash shop, and that’s about it.

        I wish Turbine had made the three hobbit costumes from Fall Festival (the bear, the skeleton, and the ghost) available to players.

  3. berathor

    Nice wish i could get mithril guard for my guardian and champion dwarf hope to see more dunedain clothing though like wardens of annuminas and custom like rugged ranger i have a few suggestions ranger of barrow downs protecter of the west tower champion of amon sul and hunter of annuminas


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