Cosmetic Lotro

Drake hunt

This beautiful new armour piece from Dunland set me off on a drake hunt. The advantage of being above the level of the area, is that the mobs are “grey” and don’t attack you, which makes it a lot easier to take screenshots. So while I was taking these I had ample of chance to look around, rather then when I level here I am always looking at my morale bar. The drakes that walk around in this part of Angmar are really beautiful and have great animation. They sit down to clean themselfs, shudder and roar and express an overall grumpiness that makes them look like real live drakes, and the poisonous water pools and drake eggs have really awesome colours. So many details that are easily overlooked when going through an area just to kill things.
In any case I challenged the drake using an emote that is on sale in the lotro store this week: /heropose. You can get it for free in game if you find someone who is willing to /bow to you 100 times, with a maximum of 5 times a day. Well, since I can’t find anyone who would be crazy enough to do that for me on my server, I decided to take the easy way out and grab it on sale.

Chest: Scarred Surcoat of the Pren Gwydh Warrior, umber dye (Dunland quest reward, heavy)

Shoulders: Disused Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer, white dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Hands: Heavy Plated Dunlending Gauntlets, umber dye (Dunland quest reward, heavy)

Feet: Hill-man’s Cracked Leather Boots, umber dye (Dunland quest reward, medium)

Back: Cloak of the West-tower, umber dye (Annúminas instance barter reward – also available as cosmetic)


    • There are three instances in Evendim, starting at level 40. Glinghant, Haud Valandhil and Ost Elendil. The bosses drop tokens of Annuminas that you can barter at the skirmish camp for armour or cosmetics.

  1. Nianna

    For that cloak you can even just kill Angmarim a bunch of times in Annuminas to get the small and large shards if you can’t find a group. I think they added cosmetic versions via skirmishes now though. Great outfit also, i loved the robe when i saw it and saved it to put together with something later on and this works! ❤

  2. Pointy

    I like this set. 🙂 I picked up that surcoat the other day and really liked it, but wasn’t sure what to put with it. I do like the brown colour that’s come through. I think the game needs a deeper brown dye. 🙂

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