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Old glory

The Cremello Horse is a player designed mount that was a gift to players who visited the PAX expo in early 2011. As a result it is often referred to as the “Pax-mount”.  Later on it was also given out as a lottery and competition reward. The gift codes only worked for the US-servers, so European players were unable to obtain it in those days. After the US/EU-server merger, European players finally got access to the mount codes, and I was one of the lucky winners of a Twitter contest and won one! However, on my server I have seen no one else riding this mount (though I know there is at least one other), so I guess for former EU-servers this is still a rare mount.

My initial reaction when I first saw a screenshot of the mount was that its horse tack resembles the flag of the United States. Of course there are no actual stars and stripes, and the original player design had very different colours, but still the red, white and blue theme is very prominent. Now I am not a US-citizen, but the idea inspired me enough to match the horse with a stars and stripes outfit. I had a lot of fun designing it, because even though it is a bit tongue in cheek it is still a decent outfit for a captain!

If you want to know where a certain armour piece or cosmetic comes from, you can look it up in the Lorebook, by typing its name into the search box.

Chest: Hauberk of the Forgotten Hope, crimson dye (Evendim barter reward, captain)

Head: Iornaith’s Ward, red dye (quest reward, light)

Shoulders: Hardened Steel Dunlending Pauldrons, navy dye (Dunland quest reward, heavy)

Hands: Calenard Battle Gauntlets, navy dye (T7 crafted, heavy)

Legs: West-land Leggings, crimson dye (T4 crafted, heavy)

Feet: Boar-Hide Boots, navy dye (Men of Dunland reputation reward, medium)

Back: Widow’s Drape, crimson dye (Men of Dunland reputation reward)

Horse: Cremello Horse, reward from PAX-visit, contest or lottery.

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  1. Pointy

    I’ve got one! 😀 Loge is on my flist because of some random conversation I struck up with him ages ago, and he had a surplus of codes on the last day they’d be valid. He very kindly gave me one, and a friend of mine from my Kin. So that’s a couple more people you know with the horse. 🙂

      • Pointy

        Yes he’s very nice. 🙂 I think I struck up a random conversation with him ages ago about a title he had showing. We had a nice talk during which he commented that he was a bit surprised that someone he didn’t know would ask – apparently it seems to be uncommon that someone will send a message to a stranger ingame to ask about something. I was just of the philosophy that if you need to know something you ask. 😀

  2. Mocci

    I recently joined twitter only for the Lotro giveaways. 😉 I wasnt aware until recently that they have steed giveaways, I so badly want one! The cremello steed is indeed a rare sight on my server as well, I have only seen one so far.

  3. Actually there is a german computer magazine calles COMPUTER BILD SPIELE. In the November gold Edition (5,50 EUR) there are 2 LOTRO-DVDs inside. And also a code for the cremello horse and a code for 250 Turbine points. So in the german servers like Maiar there are more and more players with the very nice looking cremello horse. If you want to get one of this horses for your own, try to get a magazine. Best regards and greetings from germany

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