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The weeks before the release of Rise of Isengard, I had set myself some personal goals to achieve before heading into the new expansion. One of those goals was to finally finish up the last of the Enedwaith reputation that I needed for the World Renowned title and the beautiful white steed that comes with it. I managed to do all my daylies regularly, and finally made it to kindred with the Grey Company (which was the last of the factions) two weeks before release. I must admit I hated every minute of that Black Flames quest in the wolves cave, playing pacman with those horrible shadow wolves, but I made it! I finally got to ride that beautiful white horse.
There’s just one thing about the horse that I dislike, and that is the vivid red flag on its rear end. Why would anyone in his right mind ride around in the wild waving a huge red flag? I mean, isn’t that just asking for trouble?

When I obtained the horse I could not immediately think of a proper outfit, but with all the beautiful quest armour from Theodred’s riders, there is plenty to choose from now. When I obtained these leggings I liked them right away. I also knew I wanted the medium head piece, but it took me a while to get it because when I first had the chance to grab it in Gravenwood I chose a cloak instead (ah choices….). Fortunately the cap was offered again in Isengard and I could finally complete my horse riding outfit.

Chest: Rider’s Silken Shirt, umber dye (friend reputation reward Théodred’s Riders, light)

Head: Rider’s Studded Helmet, umber dye (Isengard quest reward, medium)

Shoulders: Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons, umber dye (crafted, medium)

Hands: Lindir’s Gauntlets, white dye (quest reward, medium)

Legs: Rune-stitched Dunlending Leggings, white dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Feet: Disused Shoes of the Dunland Soothsayer, umber dye (Dunland quest reward, light)

Back: Elf-lord’s Cloak, umber dye (lotro store exclusive cosmetic)

Horse: Steed of Eriador, reward from the meta-reputation deed

More horses:



  1. Bumbletum

    Oooh! These are getting better and better – cool to see the westfold skirmish pauldrons, because I just used these in a outfit combo that I auctioned for (all this cosmetics) is sending my character to the poor house).
    Beautiful work as always

    • Yes getting into cosmetics can really empty your bank account! I am fortunate to have a supreme scholar, kindred with the guild, to make all my dyes and a supreme tailor and metalsmith, because without them I would never be able to finance all my outfits! Levelling a craft can be hard but in the end it’s really worth it!

  2. Pointy

    Nice. 🙂 I’ve got these leggings (or some the same) and I liked them, but have yet to find a use for them.

    I still think they need to fix the way hats and helms work with hair though. 🙂

    What horse is that you’re riding? It’s pretty.

    • The world renowned horse, from getting kindred with all of the factions pre-isengard, minus the Eldgang (thank God), which by the way, congrats on world-renowned!

      • Pointy

        Aaah, cool. 🙂 I thought that horse was black and red – or is that the Angmar one?

        Have to say I’ve had kin rep with the Eldgang for ages (I like the Rift). It’s the Council of the North and the Esteldin ones that give me trouble. I don’t like Angmar much and Dol Dinen… *shudders* I have nightmares about the Tent of Death.

  3. Pehir of Brandywine

    Your outfits are always amazing! Nicely done.

    I have to comment on the screen shots also. They always seem to flow, and tell a story. I can see a lot of time goes into getting them. Wonderful!

    Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Congratulations, its an awesome horse isn;t it!

    “I mean, isn’t that just asking for trouble?”
    Hello, we are the Khazad Guard, our uniform is Red, and yes; we ask for trouble! It is the perfect horse for us! 😀

  5. Gratz for the deed !! 😀
    The outfit is beautiful as always.

    Is photography your job? Or maybe a passion? Your screenshots are “alive”, like a professional photo album

    • Hi Silvia, I am not into photography, but I do have a rather artistic background that involves working with shapes and colours, so I am certain that has some influence on my outfits and screenshots. Some shots come out better than others, it depends on the weather, the surroundings and even my mood. And my characters are definitely “alive” 🙂

      • Denrilo/Chosukabe/Torii

        Oh my dear friend.
        I miss thee aswell. It was good to have you company while playing lotro, even if it was just in my final lotro hour.
        You really were great company, my “journey” in the world of tolkien is over.
        I am playing casually World of Warcraft, the much hated in Lotro servers — No idea why 😛
        Still, I miss the somewhat “kinship spirit” that existed in Lotro, and I miss Lady Hymne of course, Lady of All Disguises and Dresses.
        I wish you good luck while venturing further south.

        On more real matters, I wish thee, and your beloved ones shelter and protection of the social convulsion that is coming…

        Social chaos set aside, should you wish to send me a message or anything else, you have my youtube, I believe, can trade forward messages through there. — Although I’ll still visit Cosmetic Lotro, I may not play but one of the best things of lotro is without doubt its cosmetic options.

        Best Regards, João

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