Cosmetic Lotro

Apple harvest

Today is 22nd of September, known as Hobbit Day, birthday of Frodo and Bilbo. Hobbit Day should feature a hobbit outfit so I made one to match the time of year, celebrating harvest time with autumn apples.

Chest: Common Long-sleeved Dress, olive dye (outfitter cosmetic)

Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of Lothlórien, olive dye (crafted, light)


  1. Pointy

    Nice combination. 🙂 You’ve even found a way to make those awful ‘hanging’ things at the front blend in with the clothing underneath! 🙂

    I hate those things. There are several nice shoulder sets that are similar to this – the Taranwaith (sp?) for example. Completely ruined by those stripey things at the front that don’t dye. 😛

  2. Pointy

    Yeah I think I did. For some reason some of the sites have randomly and suddenly stopped allowing me to post with this ID. Lotro Stylist is one, the Cheezburger network sites are others. They all seem to use the same… something or other to pull the avatars from – You and Lotro Sty list are wordpress, but Cheezburger is its own domain and so is CTSM which has suddenly decided to check I’m human every time I want to post. 😀

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