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Robe of Viisaus altered [beta outfit]

UPDATED POST with new pictures

[SPOILER ALERT: this post contains screenshots from the Rise of Isengard beta]

Much to my surprise the last Bullroarer patch brought a change to the appearance of a much beloved outfit piece: The Robe of Viisaus. This robe is available from the Volume I epic questline or as a store cosmetic. It is an enigmatic robe with a very strange light violet base colour that dyes in unpredictable colours. However that has all been changed now. The base colour is no longer violet but solid white/sand colour with a lavender trim, and the dyes no longer apply in magical transparent hues but in regular solid colours. I’m giving you a preview of the robe dyed white and dyed black. I think it looks rather nice, but I also had some attachment to the elusive quality of this particular robe. It will take getting used to. If you loved the old version, you still have until release to take some nostalgic screenshots.

Because of the confusion on the forum I have taken a few new screenshots, both on current live as well as in beta, as to better compare the difference.

Current version dyed WHITE:

Beta version dyed WHITE:

Current version dyed BLACK:

Beta version dyed BLACK:

Current version dyed SIENNA:

Beta version dyed SIENNA:


  1. ohhhh this is such a shame 😦 i know this robe is either love or hate relationship object (for me it’s love, for most of others it’s hate it seems), but i don’t understand why they had to “fix it”. they could’ve added a new robe with the new appearance, but this one could remain the same… i will miss the jewel-like belt and shines when dyed black so much 😦

  2. Pointy

    Ewww…. While I hate the default appearance of this robe intensely, some of the dye variants are very nice. My personal favourite is burgundy.

    The black-dyed colour here looks nice, but the top picture is rather horrible. I’m particularly disliking the visible textures on the brown part. It makes it look like a dressing gown my grandma had when I was little.

    It does seem to still be a little unpredictable though – you’re dyed white version still has the violet parts on it that you said are part of the default base, and yet the black dye has coloured them. πŸ™‚

  3. I know an ugly Bard who likes to wear that black robe, thinks it makes him look superhandsome and bad-looking. He is sadly mistaken, but it does look rather nice on your model!

  4. Pointy

    Having said that I dislike the visible textures – I saw someone wearing this in-game today. The textures are actually on the current one, they’re just nowhere near as pronounced. It doesn’t look anywhere near as quilted as the newer one does.

    I sent a message to the guy I saw wearing it saying ‘enjoy your robe while it lasts, they’re changing it with RoI’. He didn’t seem impressed by the change.

  5. Steve

    Strikes me as pretty dishonest of them to change the appearance of an item which they are selling in the store after people have already bought it. Not that Turbine inspires trust these days anyway.

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  8. Sethur

    I hope the “new” design will be added as a second robe – both designs had their advantages and disadvantages.

    But could anyone tell me what boots were used for the screenshot of the Beta version dyed black? Would be nice to know! πŸ™‚

  9. niR

    I liked the old one, the reason I bought it was because I needed it for an outfit for rp purposes and most chestpieces turn out too grey or otherwise colorful when dyed black. Someone probably just cried about it being too scary and therefore offensive, prompting a change. :/ Even if it is a technical reason it would have been fair to properly warn the buyers, seeing as it isn’t exactly cheap.
    (the thread linked earlier about the petition doesn’t work btw, gives an “unexpected system error”)

  10. Sethur

    I really find it sad that this robe is now quite cheap to buy in the store… I ran around Forochel for about a month to get the “original” one from the quest… now it has lost nearly all of it’s rare charme.

  11. Treelove

    This piece of clothing is a classic:) I love that one with the Galadhrim cloak in black – just like a ninja. ❀

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