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King of the Mountain

After doing a number of previews for Rise of Isengard I needed to take a break from beta and do an outfit for my “real” characters. To prepare for Isengard I’ve been working on several goals, most of which have already been achieved. One of my goals was to finish the last epic book from Echoes of the Dead. It tells the story of the Mountain King who pledged an oath to Isildur, but then refused to fulfill that oath when he was called upon. The King and his people were cursed by Isildur and destined to dwell on the Paths of the Dead. The Oathbreakers, as they were called, later fulfilled their oath to Aragorn. The Mountain King and his people were related to the Dunlendings and I admire their clothing. I hope that with Rise of Isengard we will have more Dunleding-like armours and outfits available, but for now I will have to settle for the Lossoth attire, that resembles the style somewhat. The Ajokoira armour pieces can all be crafted, but Forochel reputation is required to craft and wear the pieces. There is an Ajokoira set in the Lotro store that does not have those rep requirements.


Chest: Ceremonial Ajokoira Armour, umber dye (crafted, light, requires Forochel friend reputation)

Head: Enduring Helm of Determination, red dye (world drop, heavy)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Axe-handler, red dye (Moria barter, champion)

Hands: Gauntlets of the Axe-handler, red dye (Moria barter, champion)

Legs: Ceremonial Ajokoira Leggings, umber dye (crafted, light, requires Forochel ally repuation)

Feet: Dwarf-make Skirmisher’s Boots, red dye (crafted, medium)

Back: Cloak of the Boar, umber dye (Harvest Festival cosmetic)

One comment

  1. Pointy

    Nice. Good colour too in those, the red. 🙂

    I did like that part in the EoD epic. It was good to see how those guys got stuck in that cave waiting for Aragorn.

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