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Isengard class armour preview

As the NDA has been lifted and we are allowed to share our screenshots, I decided to make some preview shots of the Isengard gear that will be available. Please don’t ask me about stats as I really have no idea, I only looked at the cosmetic aspect of the armour. Please note that these are beta screenshots and that everything is subject to change, though I think it is highly unlikely they will change anything in the armour appearance and design at this point. Besides, the armour is gorgeous! No need to change anything as far as I’m concerned. There are three basic designs (heavy, medium and light) that have different details and colours for each class. All armour can be dyed, though the base colours are quite dark.

The armour is available from the quartermaster for the following prices:
Head – scorched helm token (raid)
Shoulders – scorched shoulder guard token (raid)
Chest – 30 superior 4th marks
Legs – 30 superior 4th marks
Gloves – 18 superior 4th marks
Shoes – 18 superior 4th marks

Champion: Armour “of the Relentless Fighter”

Guardian: Armour “of the Indomitable Protector”

Captain: Armour “of the Gallant Commander”

Burglar: Armour “of the Riddle Teller”

Hunter: Armour “of the Impossible Shot”

Warden: Armour “of the Tireless Sentinel”

Minstrel: “Dirge-Singer’s” Armour

Lore-master: “Spellweaver’s” Armour

Runekeeper: Armour “of the Clever Counselor”

Next to the armour quartermaster are two reputation NPC’s, one for the Dunlending and one for the Rohirrim. They both sell armour and cloaks at different reputation levels. To give you an idea of what they have available I made some shots of the cloaks and assembled an outfit with a mix of pieces.

Rider’s Traveling Cloak           Storyteller’s Cloak

Widow’s Drape                       Reputation armour outfit

I hope you enjoyed the previews, I know for a fact that I will really enjoy making outfits with these pieces in the future!


  1. Thank you for the previews! Some of the pieces are gorgeous, but I am disappointed with the light/medium/heavy theme going on. Much better when each class get a much more exclusive set.

  2. Cambruin

    I agree with Carolina. No variation class-wise whatsoever. Quite sad compared to what they’ve managed to pull of with the Reputation Armour or the Isengard pre-order cosmetics.

    My scepticism towards RoI is growing steadily…

    Thank you for sharing though! 🙂

    • It’s not really different from the Moria sets. Those are also divided in 3 basic designs, where the only difference is in colour and some details and different helmets. Did that make for a bad expansion? I think not. The latest “in their absence” armours seemed to have a greater variety per class, perhaps we will see that again once the instance clusters come out in the first update after release.

  3. Love the reputation cloaks and gear but I must agree with everyone else, not liking how similar the class armour is. I do see a few pieces though that I’m dying to get my hands on for making outfits out of. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these Hymne

  4. thanks for preview hymne! i dared to borrow the front view screenshots for my blog (linking to yours), hope it’s ok 🙂 i love the new armours, they don’t differ much across heavy/medium/light varieties but even the symbols on chest can be interpreted for different roleplaying purposes. i’m looking forward to them! 🙂

  5. Tallia

    😮 those LM robe… and the minstrels one… and the widows drape :O
    must… have….
    thank you so much for uploading this. now I know what I have to do when Isen comes out ^^

  6. Nerves

    Those medium and heavy Chest, leggings and boots are bananas! I love them (except for the weird dangly bit between the legs, I could do without that.) The shouldergaurds are all pretty cool too.

  7. They didn’t really spend long on making those armour sets individual, did they? All three in each type are the saem except for the chest piece symbol. They look nice enough, but there’s not enough variety. Each class should look different. Like with the rift armour. 🙂

    At least the heavy/med people will be able to dye theirs and look different. The clothies all seem to be black-based with very little dyeable area.

    I do like that top left cloak though, that’s very pretty. And your outfit looks good bottom right. I like the tunic and boots you’ve got on there 🙂 Pirate boots for the win! 😀

  8. Dirhallith

    Not totally loving how heavy the hunter and burglar sets look (though I have this same bugaboo with the Helegrod armour, at least for hunters), but I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on that lore-master armour for cosmetics!

    Thank you so much for sharing these screenshots !:D

  9. Pointy

    I’ve just noticed something else here… The heavy and medium armors are shown on male figures. The light armour robes are shown on females. They obviously know that female bodyshapes look much better in robes than males (who tend to look like they’re in drag). 😉

    • They? They??? Its just me here running this blog 😛 . And they are all my personal screenshots!! (shrunk to a reasonable size). Yes and I used my champ for the first 6 and my minstrel for the other 3, also because man cannot be a RK and elves cannot be Burglars. I thought it was more class appropriate this way.

  10. Guest

    So how well does the medium armour dye? is it just the elbow and collar part?

    Thanks for posting these though. CSTM is a great site 🙂

  11. Cosmetic fan

    This might be a bit pedantic…. but what was the quality of the armour? as in white, yellow, purple, teal and orange

    Still another 16 days :(….

    Cheers for sharing

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  13. Dee-Dee & Co

    I love your posts and screenshots 🙂 I have gotten many good ideas from them and pure inspiration for cosmetic gears ! So,Thank you for the preview!

    My favorites are clearly the robes, I think the hunter & burgler sets are just too “heavy” looking, but I will no doubt get both my hunter and burgler their sets regardlessly 🙂

    And YAY for being able to dye the Armor! That was my biggest boon with the Epic Hele armor.. that blue Lego armor looks ridiculious on a hunter – yeah blend in with that ! lol

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