Cosmetic Lotro


Still inspired by the horse outfits, yet in the mood for something completely different, I decided to go for something new within my wardrobe. I am a horse rider myself and I have always loved the Western riding style. It allows the horse a lot of freedom and encourages verbal and gentle communication between rider and animal. Hence my two favorite horses in the game are the Prized Dark Chestnut Horse from the Wardens of Annúminas and the Prized Eglan Horse from the Eglain, as they most resemble the North American Pinto horses. Even so, I am not entirely sure how this style fits within Middle Earth culture, but the outfit system does have several items available that have the right looks. As a result it isn’t hard to look like an “aurochboy”.

Head: Adventurer’s Hat, sienna dye (skirmish cosmetic)

Chest: Herdsman’s Waistcoat and Shirt, umber dye (skirmish cosmetic)

Legs: Westernesse Protector’s Leggings, umber dye (crafted, medium)

Feet: Westernesse Protector’s Boots, umber dye (crafted, medium)

Horse: Prized Eglan Horse (Eglain kindred status)



  1. mara

    Funny you should mention matching outfits to your horses, I have a few of those too (including a cowboy-inspired pinto).

    I made that last one to go with the spring horse, but then when I saw it up close decided it was just too garish.

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