Cosmetic Lotro

Hunting in white

It’s summer and for the serious huntress an opportunity to hunt white deer in summer whites. Nah… just kidding. If you just stand around in Bree doing absolutely nothing useful you can wear summer whites too. Even dwarves would look cool in them! (Nah… just kidding…).
The armour pieces in this outfit come from bartering tokens from the Annúminas instances. This is a mix of level 50 medium and light armour, and there are also cosmetic versions available (ceremonial armour), which can be used by any class. The Annúminas instances start at level 40, so if you start early you will have enough tokens by level 50 to buy yourself a full set, or save up a little longer to buy all the ceremonial sets. The level 65 version of these sets is purple/yellow and cannot be dyed, and therefore less interesting as cosmetic armour (unless you really like purple and yellow).

Head: Hood of Night, white dye (Halls of Night barter tokens, cosmetic)

Chest: Nenuial’s Jacket,white dye (Annúminas barter tokens, medium)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the Seven Stars, white dye (Annúminas barter tokens, light)

Hands: Lindir’s Gauntlets, white dye (quest, medium)

Legs: Nenuial’s Leggings, white dye (Annúminas barter tokens, medium)

Feet: Shoes of the Seven Stars, white dye (Annúminas barter tokens, light)

Back: Fine Quiver, white dye (festival gift box, cosmetic)


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  2. Callie

    I love this xD
    My lovely captain may attempt to copy it 🙂
    -Callie, Captain (cosmetic whore) of Rohab
    Is ther a way for me to send you my cosmetics so you can check them out? 🙂

    • Hi Callie, I don’t do guest submissions on my blog but my friends from LotroStylist and LotroFashion are more than happy to publish your outfits! Check out their websites to find out how to submit.

      • Callie

        Imnpretty sure I’ve been there before. Am new tothe blogging stuff. I’ll check it out. Thanks xD

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