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Guarding the Free Peoples

Matching an outfit to your favorite horse is of course what many players do. Some horses are more difficult to match than others, because of the colours on the horse tack and the different shades of available dyes, but finding the perfect horse outfit is always very rewarding. Recently Cithryth has started a series of horse outfits on Casual Stroll to Mordor, and I am already looking forward to the next article. Kedwyr has done an outstanding job creating an outfit for his Free People’s Horse on Lotro Stylist, which got me riding my Angmar horse as well! Since I created a matching outfit for it too, I decided I might as well post it on my blog too, as it is an example of one more outfit option out of the many amazing possibilities that the wardrobe system offers.


Head: Traveller’s Hood, grey dye (store exclusive cosmetic)

Chest: Elven Steel Jacket, burgundy dye (Rivendell armour smith, heavy)

Shoulders: Elven Soldier’s Shoulder Guards, ranger green dye (crafted, heavy)

Hands: Barrow-scout’s Gauntlets, grey dye (Great Barrow barter tokens, medium)

Legs: Elven Steel Leggings, burgundy dye (Rivendell armour smith, heavy)

Feet: Westernesse Protector’s Boots, grey dye (crafted, medium)

Back: Cloak of the Silver Birch, burgundy dye (store exclusive cosmetic)

Horse: Prized Angmar Free Peoples Steed (Council of the North kindred status)


  1. Yvonne

    Outstanding! I love how the shoulders match the horse neck armour. I never knew those leggings dye striped like that. I’m going to have to hunt those down.

  2. Kiryoku

    This outfit looks amazing on that horse!
    I would like to request more outfits that complement mounts and that you list the mount with all the gear you used. I sent this to a friend and he loved it but felt it was unclear as to which mount it was. ❤

    • Hello Kiryoku, the horse is The Prized Angmar Free Peoples Steed, available from the Council of the North at Gath Fornir at kindred status. I might list more horse outfits in the future, but it all depends on whether or not the mood strikes me! 😀

  3. Steward of Gondor

    Wow! We’re so spoiled lately with great outfits across all the sites. However, this one is a real stunner! I will be working on getting this one assembled.

    Fantastic look.

  4. Aldous

    Wow, another great outfit. You certainly have an amazing talent for putting together these cosmetic outfits. I’m going to have to “steal” this outfit for my elven champion.

  5. James

    After seeing this outfit I had to go about collecting all the pieces. Due to level I am still unable to equip the gloves and boots. I was wondering if there has been a graphical change to the gloves listed on this site. When I preview the Westernesse Protector’s Gloves they are run of the mill short gloves, not the full length gloves seen in these pics. If there has been a change to them would you happen to know of another set of gloves with the graphic on these pics? Really like the look.

    Very nice job on this outfit. Looking forward to being able to equip the rest of it, and gaining the horse to match.

    Thank you.

    • Hello James, you are correct about the gloves! They are not the medium Westernesse gloves but the Barrow-scout’s Gauntlets. There are also purple (Dunfailf) and yellow (~ of vigour etc) world drops with the same design. I will correct the information given in the post, thank you for noticing!

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  7. Adster

    i was wondering how you get the steed is it in the lotro store?I was also wondering if you could get any other ways to get the sholder pads

    • Hello Adster, the Prized Angmar Free People’s Steed is not available in the store. It is only available in game from the Council of the North faction at kindred status.
      The shoulder pads are crafted by Metalsmiths at Tier 5. If you don’t have a crafter yourself you can usually find them at the auction house under “Heavy Armour>Shoulders” between level 42-48.

  8. DarkJackal

    That is my favorite mount! I will have to try those shoulders with it, but not sure they will look as nice on a male elf.

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  10. I really hope they eventually give you a warsteed cosmetic for this horse. I’d love to see a recreation of this masterpiece suitable for galloping across the plains of Rohan.

  11. Adastrea

    This is a fabulous outfit and we wants it, precious! One question though – when you say \”Rivendell armour smith\” do you mean the regular heavy armoursmiths in the market place? I checked today and they didn\’t seem to have anything that looked like this. Wonder if the cosmetic appearances have changed since you posted… will have to go through my craftable armour and see if there\’s anything that looks similar. In any case, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Adastrea, the chest+leggings are still available in Rivendell from one of the two Heavy Armoursmiths in the marketplace. The armour is level 41-44. Check all the chest pieces and you will find it. You can also craft it. It’s Tier 2 Elven Iron.

  12. Galthonviel

    I’ve been eyeing this for a good while now…Spent some tp on the cloak and hood. No regrets. It is a stunning outfit along with the mount and without it. Thank you!

  13. DD

    This exactly outfit is now being offered on the mannequins in the game this week. Looks like Turbine has been reading your blog. I hope they are giving you some kind of credit.

    • Yes Turbine has been using my outfits and outfits from other blogs like The Starry Mantle for a number of years now. There seems to be a yearly rotation so you will see the same outfit again in may 2016. This was all done in coordination with the devs in charge of Lalia’s and the mannequins over 3 years ago. Unfortunately these devs have long been fired and nothing new has been happening regarding cosmetics ever since. Thus Lalia is sadly still selling the same stuff as three years ago… 😦

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