Cosmetic Lotro

Rich burglar

I have had this hauberk for so long that I really can’t remember how I got it. I thought I once purchased it from an outfitter, but according to Darzil’s Incredible Armour Guide this hauberk comes from a festival gift box, so I must have gotten it either from there or from the auction house. Whenever I am in doubt about the origins of an item (which happens frequently, as I have too much fluff in my stashes), I check Darzil’s website to find out where it comes from. His reference guide to all crafted armour, class armour and outfits is invaluable. I hope he will continue his marvelous work for a long time, as I wouldn’t know what to do without his website!

Head: Ceremonial Thrill-seeker’s Helm, black dye (skirmish cosmetic, Rift of Nurz Ghashu)

Chest: Scaled Hauberk, black dye (festival gift box)

Hands: West-land Gloves, black dye (crafted, heavy)

Feet: Soft Leather Boots, black dye (outfitter)

Back: Golden Tree Summer Cloak, black dye (Summer Festival cosmetic)

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