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Walking the streets

The Lord of the Rings books do not go into a lot of detail about the intimate side of relationships. There isn’t a lot of amorous attraction, much less sensuality described in the books. For example the tale of Aragorn and Arwen is only referred to in the appendix, how Eowen and Faramir finally seduced each other remains to be guessed and we can only assume there must have been something hot going on between Sam and Rosie as they did have a lot of children. In other words, my beloved J.R.R.Tolkien left a lot of “that” to our own imagination, rather than being explicit about it. Thankfully the Lotro game respects that approach, so the outfits that are available to our characters all maintain a certain level of decorum and decency. However that doesn’t mean that nothing of a sensual nature was going on in Middle Earth.
So in my own imagination I am convinced there were not only thugs and cutthroats beleaguering the dark back alleys of Bree, there must have been a fair share of doxies and harlots working the Mud Gate and the Beggar’s Alley. This idea inspired me to dress up my only female character with a decent cup size as a seductive courtesan. It is the simplest outfit I have posted so far, probably due to the fact that women of that caliber just don’t wear much to begin with.

Chest: Sleeveless Summer Dress, red dye (Summer Festival cosmetic)


  1. This indeed does look seducing. I’m a woman, but I certainly can imagine that men will fall for this 🙂 Good choice with the red on this dress. It looks amazing!

  2. Beldyl

    I think this looks fabulous! I am tired of leggings! But…noob here… where does one “increase bust size”?


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