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Connecting the dots

Today I pulled up a pair of leggings out of my inventory that have been staring at me ever since I got them. Some people say they are the ugliest pair of leggings in Lotro. Well, indeed they are if you dye them red, green or some other loud colour, because that makes them look like pajamas, but in softer tones they are not even so bad. The difficulty lies in that they are not part of a set. There is just this single pair of strange leggings with yellowish dots, and nothing really to combine them with. Today I decided to make the effort and find something to complete an outfit. After trying out some 10 or 15 different options, I settled on a medium leather shirt from the vendor in Thorin’s Hall. Even the vendor shoulders looked good with it.
If you know of any other options for these funny leggings, let me know!

Chest: Dwarf Leather Jacket, umber dye (medium armour smith TH)

Shoulders: Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards, umber dye (medium armour smith TH)

Hands: Belegmaib, umber dye (quest reward, heavy)

Legs: Lizard’s Leggings, umber dye (quest reward, heavy)

Feet: West-land Boots, umber dye (crafted, heavy)

Back: Cloak of the Mallorn, umber dye (lotro store exclusive cosmetic)


  1. Pointy

    Those are truly bizarre… and I MUST have them – what quest are they from, do you know? πŸ˜‰ Actually the bit I like least about them isn’t the dots, it’s the weird metal panels on the hips.

    If you want a weird thing to try and make match with something else – there’s a cosmetic robe that I think comes from Celondim or Duillond. When bought, it’s white with neon green trim, which consists of a ‘belt’ area and dots. The green doesn’t dye. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, those are weird leggings! You did a great job making them look normal and coordinated with other pieces. And I give you credit for keeping them around; I probably would have ditched them πŸ™‚

  3. McFarlane

    The Enduring Jacket of Determination matches these leggings in that the very forearm of the jacket (when not covered by gauntlets) has the same dot pattern.

    • Hi, “enduring” and “of determination” are generic terms (just like “shining” and “of fate”, “of might”) added to yellow item drops. When drops have these names they usually have an unusual or rare design. There may indeed be a matching chest piece around, and you have seen with the name Enduring Jacket of Determination. Do you remember where it dropped? If it was in an instance it might be useful for me to try there. Problem is next time it may or may not drop, and it will probably have a different name.

      • McFarlane

        Ah! Unfortunately I have no idea where I got it! But after looking through more of your site (WONDERFUL, btw), I think it is very close to the Survivor’s Armour you show elsewhere. I’m not at home to check, but the front of the piece is very similar. And I think I can see on the shot of the back of the Survivor’s Armour, just peeking through a gap in the gauntlets, the dot pattern. That was the only area on the chest piece that had the dots, but they were exactly the same (albeit smaller) as the Lizard Leggings. I never kept my Survivor’s Armour so can’t verify, but possibly you will find the dots on that piece as well? At any rate, thanks for the excellent site, it’s truly fantastic!

      • I checked my Survivor’s armour and was amazed. Your recollection of the dots on the forearms is completely accurate!! It seems to be the matching chestpiece even though the rest of the design on the chest (with the flowerish pattern) and the yellow/gold colour seems completely off. I never paid much attention to the wrist part because I always wore large gloves on top of it. Thank you for fitting this piece of the puzzle! I still hate the leggings though. I only posted them as an oddity but I don’t actually wear them as an outfit. πŸ˜‰

  4. McFarlane

    I’m so glad! But yeah, not something to be worn often unless your character is dressing like a clown lol. (My Hobbit does have the two set to go, dyed orange, along with a hat I can’t recall the name of that has two conical “horns,” and the Cloak of the Sun for when she’s in just one of those…moods. It’s quite hideous lol.) But I really do like what you have done here, you’ve made those legs quite presentable. Thanks again for the awesome ideas!

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