Cosmetic Lotro

Goodbye Codies!

The Codemasters servers are out, down, gone! Will our virtual lives be transferred safely to the other side of the big pond? I certainly trust they will! I am looking forward to playing on real Turbine servers and have access to myLotro and lotteries!
Yesterday I tried to make an outfit and update the blog before the service outage, but I came up with something so completely ridiculous that I didn’t have the heart to post it. I dressed up my male champion in heavy plate gear wearing a Yule scarf! It just was a bit… too weird. So I (and you, whoever follows this little blog), will have to wait until my characters return safely on the Turbine servers for another update. At least the outage time gives me the opportunity to do some real life chores that have been put off for too long (like washing windows, yay 😦 ).
The good news is that my daughter’s account has been fully restored by Codemasters, right on time before the migration! Playing on my server without her is just no fun, so I’m overjoyed that nothing was lost and we can continue to do quests and instances together once the migration is complete. I should try to hack her account sometime myself though, because she has very nifty gear that I would love to have myself ;).  I hope everything will return to normal by the weekend and hopefully I’ll be updating the blog very soon!


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