Cosmetic Lotro

Flowers of the Old Forest

“The flowers I speak of mark the places where each of the Entwives disappeared into the weave of the forest, and it is possible to understand their nature in those places.”
I’m not sure if my Runekeeper Elf actually picked Neldorlas’ or Dorollin’s flower, but it sure has the size of an Ent!
I was actually looking for a floral outfit to match the Giant Flower (Spring Festival Giftbox), but there just aren’t any flower prints or floral designs in Lotro. There are lots of leaf designs, foresty themes and wood colours, but except for the white rose circlet and the tiny nearly invisible flower print on the Fine Dress I haven’t found any floral outfits. So I settled for the Mirkwood crafted robe to fit the theme. It is a fairly common outfit on my server, but nevertheless a beautiful Elvish design that should not be discarded.

Chest: Tawarwaith Robe, olive dye (crafted)

Head: West-land Helm, olive dye (crafted)

Hands: West-land Gloves, olive dye (crafted)

Feet: Tawarwaith Shoes, olive dye (crafted)

Back: Wood-wanderer’s Cloak, olive dye (store)

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