Cosmetic Lotro

Black rose

My migration went smooth! The first day was hard to get through the transfer website because it was so overloaded, but once I managed to go through the steps, my account crossed over fine. There are still some issues with certain pre-order versions of my game that are not listed but I’m not worried about that. Unfortunately my daughter is not so lucky. She’s one of the many who canceled their subscription plan before the migration (expecting to resub after the transfer), but are now unable to get beyond “step 1”.  I am confident that Turbine and Codemasters will be able to work it all out soon ™ !

Now that all my characters are back where they belong I am ready for another round of outfits, starting with the female version of the Breastplate of Voima, that someone had asked for. I chose black and rose, because the chest piece itself has some light reddish straps on the side, and because I think those colours look great together.

Chest: Breastplate of Voima, black dye (quest)

Head: Circlet of Adamant, default dye (store)

Shoulders: Avoranc, black dye (quest)

Hands: West-land Gloves, rose dye (crafted)

Legs: Golubadanir, black dye (quest)

Feet: Dwarf Steel Boots of Might, rose dye (world drop)

Back: Halchol, rose dye (quest)


  1. That’s a great colour combination there! I only don’t like the upper part of the boots that much. It seems too big. But other than that, it’s really pretty! 🙂

  2. @Devonna: thanks for the heads up you’ve been giving me! I must admit the whole process was not entirely without anxiety. Sapience assures the players that are stuck on step 1 of the migration that they are working with Codemasters to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately it’s the weekend and it will have to wait till next week. Fortunately my daughter is a freshman in college and is now without excuses to work on her term papers! 😛

    @Paeroka: I agree about the boots being rather large, but they neatly cover the front part of the leggings which are brownish below the knee. Also this character is a Captain and looks rather “though” this way 😀

  3. Fergas

    I really like this chest and legs together. My female champion wears them sienna dyed with westernesse boots. Looks great in black and rose, maybe I’ll try this.

    But one piece I don’t agree is that cloak, I think there should be a prettier one 🙂

    • He he, I know not many people like the two-tone cloaks, but I love that cloak. Especially because it dyes a nice type of rose. It’s really rose, not pink. But any black cloak would do too of course, as with all outfits, there is no arguing about taste. But this entire set can be worn in any kind of colour, and it looks different every time!

  4. Wow. I love the chest piece and leggings. I’m delighted to find an armor outfit where rose looks good. The pieces I’ve tried so far look pretty silly in rose 🙂

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