Cosmetic Lotro

Defender of the West-lands

Two seemingly non-related pieces that came from very different quest zones, seem to be a heavy armour set, and a beautiful one it is!
Though the outfit turned out great, today is a bit of a sad day for me as my daughter’s account got hacked this afternoon. Just when Codemasters suspended their Hacked Account Policy a few hours earlier, as they prepare for the transition. She lost over 50 gold, but fortunately still has all her characters and gear. After opening a ticket her account got closed immediately, so now all we can do is hope that Codemasters will make an effort to reinstate the account, despite the closed service.
I know she reads my blog every day, so I’m sending her a big hug and a /comfort!

Chest: Breastplate of Voima, rust dye (quest)

Head: West-land Helm, default dye (crafted)

Shoulders: Shoulders of the West-tower, rust dye (Annuminas barter)

Hands: Steel Gloves, orange dye (crafted)

Legs: Golubadanir, rust dye (quest)

Feet: Steel Boots, rust dye (crafted)


  1. TD

    I’d love to see what this outfit looks like on a woman … looks like it might work.

    So sorry about your daughter’s account … that’s a bummer.


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