Cosmetic Lotro


Surviving the first Book of the Volume II epic questline as a heavy armour class, nets you a nice chest piece that, as far as I have been able to trace, does not appear elsewhere in the game. Only the top part can be dyed, the gold and light red does not dye along. I chose red because it intensifies the light red area of the chest piece, and combined it with a few other red pieces.

Chest: Survivor’s Armour, red dye (quest)

Head: Saelhar, red dye,  (Moria minstrel barter)

Hands: Footman’s Gloves, red dye (crafted)

Legs: Leggings of the West-tower, red dye (Annuminas)

Feet: Boots of the West-tower, red dye (Annuminas)


  1. beautiful armour, now i regret i didn’t choose it with my captain as i was leveling… i always choose Survivor’s Robe, just from a habit 😦

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