Cosmetic Lotro

Along the river

The people of Annúminas were dependent on the River Baranduin for their contact with the outside world, so I dyed my Annúminas outfit in the colours of fresh leaves and emerald water. All level 50 Annuminas armour is available as a cosmetic (ceremonial) from the Classic vendor at the Skirmish camps.

Chest: Elven Cotton Armour, turquoise dye (crafted)

Shoulders: Songmaster’s Shoulders, turquoise dye (Mirkwood minstrel barter)

Hands: Nenuial’s Gauntlets, turquoise dye (Annuminas barter)

Legs: Leggings of the Seven Stars, turquoise dye (Annuminas barter)

Feet: Shoes of the Seven Stars, turquoise dye (Annuminas barter)

Back: Nenuial’s Cloak, turquoise dye (Annuminas barter)


    • I don’t think so, at least not as far as I know (and I definitely do NOT know everything about every available item in the game :D). I think Saelinen from roll100 could give some good advice regarding something similar. Personally I think all Lothlorien/Mirkwood shoulders are beautiful as they all have this “wavy” Elvish design. If you don’t do instances, you can try the crafted Tawarwaith or Treasure-hunter’s shoulders.

    • Most classes have great Lothlorien/Mirkwood shoulders. The Burglar one is great, the champion is very special, the Loremaster Mirkwood raid shoulders are awesome, but out of reach for most casual players (especially without a loremaster). Outfits will look different based on different classes, but I find that an enjoyable part of the game, where classes have their own unique designs. I think there are a number of shoulders that would work well with this outfit, even some heavy armour ones, even Rivendell vendor ones, or if you want to stay within the original armour set, you can use the Annuminas Light shoulders. 😀

  1. Relwyn

    Just put this outfit on my female captain and male minstrel , looks amazing.

    Going have to boost my minstrel to 65th through for those sexy shoulders. Currently using the Rock-Climber shoulders dyed green , but also yellow on them matches in well.

    • I think you are looking at the wrong version of these leggings. The Classic vendor at the skirmish camp has two versions: the Epic teal (lvl65), which is indeed purple/yellow and cannot be dyed, if you scroll further down you will find the purple (lvl55) one. However, if you are merely wanting to use it for the cosmetic, you can purchase this version of the Cosmetics vendor which costs a lot less medallions.

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