Cosmetic Lotro

Digging in the dirt

Precious metals abound in Middle Earth but you need the right tools to dig them up and a sturdy backpack to carry them home.
I really like this particular backpack, which is a crafted cosmetic item, so I made an outfit to match it. Nothing fancy, just something practical to wear on a treasure hunt.

Chest: Treasure-Hunter’s Armour, umber dye (crafted)

Head: Cotton Hat, navy dye,  (crafted)

Hands: Leather Gauntlets, umber dye (Esteldin Medium Armour Smith)

Legs: Westernesse Leather Leggings, Evendim blue dye (crafted)

Feet: Brushed Leather Boots, umber dye (skirmish cosmetic)

Back: Elven Prospector’s Pack, navy dye (crafted cosmetic)


  1. Lydia

    For non-tailors who might be looking for those leggings on the Auction Hall, these variations all have the same appearance:
    Westernesse Protectors (level 45)
    fine Westernesse protectors (level 45, crit)
    superb Westernesse protectors (level 50)
    exquisite Westernesse protectors (level 50, crit)

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