Cosmetic Lotro

Fancy huntress

Looks are more important than skills? You may not catch a lot of wildlife but you sure catch the attention!
This outfit is a mix of Elven, Dwarves and Man styles. It is probably very lore-breaking but my huntress sure thinks she looks fancy!

Chest: Elven Leather Jacket, crimson dye (Rivendell Armour Smith)

Head: Fancy Plumed Hat, red dye,ย  (store cosmetic)

Hands: Lindir’s Gauntlets, white dye (quest)

Legs: Dwarf Quilted Pants, crimson dye (Thorin’s Hall Armour Smith)

Feet: Elven Leather Boots, crimson dye (Rivendell Armour Smith)

Back: Rugged Quiver, red dye (gift box cosmetic)


  1. I was gonna make an outfit for my RK using this shirt (just with different name) today! I simply love the way it dyes ๐Ÿ™‚ Mix of styles or not – this looks great!

  2. Pointy

    Very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not so sure about the boots, but as a whole it looks good.

    I’ve got my captain out of storage for the first time in a long while today, and discovered something about my wardrobe collection: I don’t have any ‘manly’ outfits!

    Seems I have a large collection of dresses, I also have robes because I have a LM and RK. I have some tunic/leggings sets, and a couple of tops and leggings that look good on female bodyshapes, but they look bad on males. Putting a captain in a robe doesn’t look right, and the only other option is to put him in drag.

    I need to go shopping! ๐Ÿ˜€

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