Cosmetic Lotro

April snow

Though Spring is well on its way in the lower valleys, the climate in the higher mountains remains cold and harsh. Some parts of Middle Earth are covered in eternal snow and ice. Better dress warm when you go there.
For most of this outfit you will need kindred status in Forochel, as you cannot wear the robe or the cloak without it, but you get access to many nice cosmetics and tailoring recipes once you get there, so for cosmetic reasons it is well worth the grind. This outfit has a funny detail: the mitts are actually oven mitts (a skirmish reward), but they are perfectly fine to keep your hands warm as well!

Chest: Great Hoary Aurochs Robe, orange dye

Shoulders: Cloth Shoulder Pads, sienna dye

Hands: Oven Mitts, rust dye

Feet: Dwarf Leather Boots, default

Back: Cloak of the Mammutti, white dye


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