Cosmetic Lotro

Rose Ridinghood

Not Red, and not afraid of wolves either!!
The cloak on this outfit has a unique and undyeable colour. It is somewhere between rose, fuchsia and burgundy, adorned with tiny brown tassles and because of its unchangeable colour a challenge to combine. It comes from the Garth Agarwen Fortress instance where most players discard it because of its pretty lousy stats. As a cosmetic it is quite valuable though (uhm well, in my opinion as a cosmetics addict), so definitely worth the “need” roll.  I found the scholars robe and the colour blend on the Westernesse boots to be a pretty good match, but I am curious about other options, so if you happen to come across something, please let me know. The gloves are borrowed from my Runekeeper.

Chest: Long Ranger’s Robe, burgundy dye

Hands: Gloves of the Vicious Proclamation, burgundy dye

Feet: Westernesse Leather Boots, rose dye

Back: Carchol, default

One comment

  1. Devonna

    Very nice 🙂 Also, you were able to use the red dye and it didn’t end up looking like a Barbie doll. That is a challenge of it’s own hehe

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