Cosmetic Lotro

Northern Lights

I’ve had this cloak for a while and never really put an effort into finding an outfit for it. Of course it’s easy to match with most dresses, but I wanted something a little different for this one. I ended up with a full set of Elven Leather that has the same base hues as this cloak.

Chest: Elven Leather Armour, white dye

Shoulders: Elven Leather Shoulder Guards, white dye

Hands: Elven Leather Gauntlets, white dye

Legs: Elven Leather Leggings, white dye

Feet: Elven Leather Boots, white dye

Back: Cloak of the Northern Lights, white dye


  1. Updated the pictures with a better background colour. Taking screenshots in Teletubby green Enedwaith doesn’t work! (Except perhaps if you’re wearing something very green). 😉

  2. Elven Leather is one of my favourite sets in game.
    Don’t know if you knew this, but it was designed as Armour of the First Age originally (that’s the name of original artwork I found)!.

    Great matching, I might use the cloak on my characters, but I usually dye this set violet/purple/navy.

    • Hi jagalo, the set is entirely crafted. Tier 3 & 4 Medium Elven Armour. Dyed white it just looks different than it usually does. If you’re not a tailor yourself, just check the Auction House for Elven Leather. Hope that helps!

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