Cosmetic Lotro

Twilight hunter

In the half-light of gloaming, the hunt is still on…
Since I purchased the Twilight Cloak I had to make an outfit for it of course. I used my hunter to model it, he is usually the unsavory derelict, but this outfit suits him rather well actually and makes him feel like a proper hunter. The Hauberk is from the Michel Delving outfitter, the boots are actually heavy armour so I cheated using the wardrobe!

Head: Traveller’s Hood, default washed

Chest: Shirriff’s Hauberk, sienna dye

Hands: Dunfaif, olive dye (same as Barrow Scout’s and others)

Feet: West-land Boots, olive dye

Back: Twilight Cloak, sienna dye


  1. Jason S.

    Hello there! I just found your blog through You have a great talent for finding outfits! I just went through and redid all the outfits for all of my characters, and the look I went with for my hunter was VERY similar to this. However, yours looks much better than mine! I think I am going to steal this look! Thank you for a great blog, and I hope you keep it up!

  2. I love this look, great job! I appropriated it for my hobbit hunter, although I went with umber dye on the hauberk, as I think it matches the seams on the traveler’s hood perfectly. Mind, the striped leggings without boots are a bit jarring, but I suppose that’s the price he pays for being too sexy for his shoes.

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